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We sell 15 different walk-along electric load mover / electric tow tug models in North America and we are also waste and recycling experts – all low carbon footprint solutions.

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Low Carbon Footprint Solutions

XeroWaste Solutions | Verhagen Leiden V-Move XL+ bin mover, dumpster tug or shopping cart pusher

V-Move walk-along electric load mover tugs

See the line of V-Move electric tugs or load movers for use in North America. Use them as a dumpster mover, semi-trailer mover, airplane tug, shopping cart pusher, industrial tugger, tow tug, burden carrier and many other uses. Low carbon footprint solutions to also save you money.

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Reduce Waste Costs and Increase Recycling

We are the multi-unit residential building recycling experts!  We reduce waste and recycling costs, increase recycling, design and setup recycling rooms, train residents, and help you obtain certification as a zero waste facility. We also help municipalities with their waste and recycling challenges.

V-Move XXL industrial tugger moving a heavy load on caster wheels | Xerowaste.ca - Low carbon footprint solutions

About Us

Xerowaste Solutions is led by a team with comprehensive front-line to executive-level experience in the North American waste and recycling management sector, including end-to-end knowledge of waste and recycling software, routing software, waste disposal, landfill, transfer station, and recycling facility operations. In all, we have a combined 32+ years of experience in the waste and recycling industry and six-plus years of material handling experience and have been in business for over seven years. We also work closely with many industry experts, such as Loewen Consulting and Verhagen Leiden. Verhagen Leiden is the 55-year old manufacturer of the V-Move® brand tugs.

We write material handling and low carbon footprint solution related articles for US and Canadian waste and recycling trade magazines and housing industry-related trade magazines and for our blog. Our informative safety article about moving waste bins was published in three different magazines. We sell waste and recycling equipment, the line of V-Move walk-along tug or load mover models and tow tugs, and provide zero waste consulting – all low carbon footprint solutions. We also actively provide consulting to municipalities in both the US and Canada and work with builders and architects designing zero-waste rooms.

Let Xerowaste Solutions help move your organization toward greater operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability.

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