Zero-emission Material Handling Equipment Solutions

V-move load movers and Bin Butler trailers
Xerowaste Zero-Emission Material Handling Equipment | V-move semi-trailer movers and 15 other walk-along movers and ride-on tow tractors to choose from.

V-Move walk-along electric load mover tugs

See the line of V-Move electric tugs or load movers and ride-on tow tractors for use in Canada, USA, and Mexico. Use them as a dumpster mover, semi-trailer mover, luggage cart pusher, shopping cart pusher, greenhouse tug, industrial tugger, tow tug, burden carrier, and many other uses.

V-move XL with XTRAC winter tires to pull waste bins in snow and ice

Xerowaste Bin Butler Trailers and Tote Carriers

Our innovative Xerowaste two-tote carrier can carry one or two 95-gallon, 64-gallon, or 32-gallon two-wheel totes on a ramp grade up to 25%. It helps to reduce injuries and increase productivity to save you money! Optional with our V-move L, XL, or XL+

V-move lineup of load movers with nomination for 2020 readers award | Xerowaste

V-move load movers nominated for a Readers' Choice Award

The V-move tuggers were selected as the best tuggers and voted on by readers in a ‘tuggers, carts, and casters’ category. Find out how we did in the 2020 Reader’s Choice Award for a large material handling magazine.

Xerowaste | V-move XL+ AC motor shopping cart pusher - premium cart retriever.

This may be the last shopping cart pusher you buy...

The V-move XL+ battery-powered heavy-duty cart pusher is built to last and puts up with tough conditions. Click here to see why this cart pusher is the one you have been looking for.

Xerowaste V-move XL 1.5 cart pusher or cart retriever pushing grocery carts
Xerowaste | V-move XXL dumpster mover pulling self-contained compactor up driveway slope

About Us

Xerowaste Solutions is led by a team with comprehensive front-line to executive-level experience in the North American waste and recycling management sector, including end-to-end knowledge of waste and recycling software, routing software, waste disposal, landfill, transfer station, and recycling facility operations. In all, we have a combined 35+ years of experience in the waste and recycling industry and nine+ years of zero-emission material handling equipment experience and have been in business since 2013. We also work closely with many industry experts, such as Loewen Consulting and Verhagen Leiden. Verhagen Leiden has been in the material handling equipment business since 1964 and is the manufacturer of the V-Move® brand load movers and tow tractor tugs.

Xerowaste is a supplier of the V-move brand of battery-powered waste bin movers and walk-along semi-trailer movers as well as their own line of the Bin Butler recycling trailers. We are the North American authorized wholesaler and retailer of the Netherlands manufacturer, Verhagen Leiden, and their line of 20 V-Move battery powered load movers and tow tugs. We back the high quality and durability of V-move models with up to a two-year warranty. V-Move walk-along load movers have many uses to make a task easier, quicker, less costly, and safer.

We write zero-emission material handling and low carbon solution-related articles for US and Canadian waste and recycling trade magazines and housing industry-related trade magazines. Our informative safety article about moving waste bins was published in three different magazines. We sell zero-emission material handling equipment including the line of V-Move walk-along tug or load mover models and tow tugs and the Xerowaste Bin Butler trailers – all low carbon footprint and zero-emission solutions.

Some of our staff are certified zero waste consultants to ensure waste management decisions around the selection and use of the V-move dumpster mover tugs are done with regards to an efficient and logical process.

See the Better Business Bureau site or the Job Accommodation Network site for their info about Xerowaste.

Let Xerowaste Solutions help move your organization toward greater operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability.

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