Bin Butler

electric dumpster tug

Reduce Risk

Increase Productivity

Save Costs

Advanced Engineering

Designed and built for us by a team of engineers, the Bin Butler is highly capable and dependable. WCB assisted in the design to ensure your safety.

Quality Built

The Bin Butler is manufactured with top quality, long lasting and rebuild-able parts and is made in North America.


Since we are waste and recycling specialist, we have custom assembled a list of options for the Bin Butler designed just for the purpose.


We rent to ensure you get the best designed waste and recycling tug at the lowest cost. We manage the asset through the whole life cycle.

Get the XeroWaste Bin Butler today!

Allow your on-site custodian to safely move totes and wheeled waste and recycling bins, up driveway ramps, over speed bumps and even in the snow, with ease.

If you are in the USA or another province of Canada, contact us to see how you can get a Bin Butler to start savings money.

Benefits of using the Bin Butler

Reduce injuries and WCB costs

We all expect the on-site custodian to move heavy containers without a thought of how heavy they are and about how easy it is for them to pull a muscle or slip and injure themselves, causing thousands of dollars in WCB costs. Now, have them safely and easily move the bins with the electric Bin Butler.

Minimize potential damage to buildings and vehicles, minimizing your insurance costs and claims

The Bin Butler ensures your on-site custodian has full control of the bins at all times to minimize any damage and lower your claims costs.

Save money

By using the Bin Butler, rather than contracting a 3rd party to move containers to the curb for servicing by your hauler, you will save money. You also reduce the time the bins are away from the waste and recycling room, minimizing inconveniences for residents and minimizing clean-up.

Benefits of Renting

  • No down payment or security deposit is required.
  • Easier to budget, with a constant predictable cost.
  • Regular maintenance, repairs and replacement during the life of the rental is covered by XeroWaste Rentals.
  • Your cash flow increases due to the elimination of higher 3rd party pull-out costs, decreased damage from uncontrolled bins being pushed by hand and reduced WCB costs and lost time from injuries.

Standard features

  • Powerful 1.7 kw 24 volt motor with a regenerative drive system that returns energy to the two included deep cycle AGM batteries.
  • Towing capacity of 3.1 MT and 136 kg of pushing/pulling force. Recommended driveway slope of ≤ 20%
  • Powered-coated all aluminum construction
  • Keyed switch with battery meter display
  • Safety features include a dead man switch, parking brake, horn and speed limiter
  • Training video, manual and phone support. Onsite training provided in certain cities.
  • Full warranty coverage for the entire rental period.


We have a wide variety of options and we would be happy to recommend some. You can easily add options at a later point too.

Optional Bin Butler Trailers

Exclusive custom-made lightweight and low-profile/small-footprint aluminum trailers are available in an in-line 3 tote model or four- and six-tote models. They are designed to be towed by the Bin Butler electric dumpster tug only. Easy and fast to load over the non-slip surface. These hold 96-gallon or smaller totes. Proudly made in North America and rented exclusively with your Bin Butler.

Find out how much you can save by using the Bin Butler

Provide the details below and submit to get a cost comparison between using the Bin Butler and contracting 3rd parties to pull your bins.

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