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Informative articles written by Xerowaste Solutions or our respected partners on topics of waste, recycling and material handling. Press releases included as well.

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Smart recycling in condos can save money!

Smart recycling in condos can save money!

Currently, Metro Vancouver expects the Metro Vancouver BC area recycling rate to improve to 80% by 2020. All building owners and stratas will be able to help Metro Vancouver and other municipalities in BC get to their recycling goal while keeping...

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Xerowaste Press Releases | V-move 40t semi trailer mover tug - also known as terminal tractor tug

Easily Move Heavy Trailers Without a Semi-Tractor

2020-09-10 | Save time and money by safely moving your heavy semi-trailers in your yard without a licensed truck driver or an expensive semi-tractor with the new 2020 model V-Move© 40t semi-trailer walk-along mover.

V-Move 25T Semi Trailer Mover moving a semi trailer |

Now You Can Easily Move a Semi-Trailer on Your Property Without a License

2019-12-10 | You now have a simple, safe and cost-effective way to move semi-trailers in your yard without using a licensed truck driver and semi-tractor with the new V-Move™ electric trailer mover.