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Informative articles written by Xerowaste Solutions or our respected partners on topics of waste, recycling and material handling. Press releases included as well.

Smart recycling in condos can save money!

Smart recycling in condos can save money!

Metro Vancouver expects the Metro Vancouver BC area recycling rate to improve to 80% by 2020. All building owners and stratas will be able to help Metro Vancouver and other municipalities in BC get to their recycling goal while keeping recyclable items out of the...

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Xerowaste Press Releases

Xerowaste Solutions | V-Move XXL bringing loaded self-contained compactor up a steep slope | Waste bin tug | Dumpster mover

XeroWaste Solutions Introduces the V-Move Walk-along Electric Tugs to Reduce Material Handling Injuries and Damage

2019-11-05 | XeroWaste Solutions is proud to have paired our waste and recycling sector expertise and material handling experience, as a distributor, with that of 50-year plus global electric tug manufacturing industry veteran, Verhagen Leiden of the Netherlands.

V-Move 25T Semi Trailer Mover moving a semi trailer |

Now You Can Easily Move a Semi-Trailer on Your Property Without a License

2019-12-10 | You now have a simple, safe and cost-effective way to move semi-trailers in your yard without using a licensed truck driver and semi-tractor with the new V-Move™ electric trailer mover.

Xerowaste | V-move semi-trailer movers and 15 other walk-along movers and ride-on tow tractors to choose from.

Easily Move Heavy Trailers Without a Semi-Tractor

2020-09-10 | Save time and money by safely moving your heavy semi-trailers in your yard without a licensed truck driver or an expensive semi-tractor with the new 2020 model V-Move© 40t semi-trailer walk-along mover.

Xerowaste | V-move 3100 heavy duty tow tractor, personnel carrier, or tugger

The Newly Engineered and Modern Tow Tractor

2023-09-05 | Xerowaste introduces the newest Verhagen Leiden V-move heavy duty tow tractor to their line-up of 17 other tow tugs and tractor models. The V-Move© 3100 heavy-duty ride-on tow tractor.