V-Move Electric Tugs


One of the largest selection of walk-along tugs in North America

The V-Move walk-along electric tug and utility vehicles can move up to 80 MT or 176,000 lb or move up to 1 million lb on rails, depending on model.

Quality Built

Quality built by a 50-year old manufacturer and backed by us with a two-year limited warranty.

Increase Productivity

Save time because this electric tug goes faster than most electric walk-along tugs. It goes up to 6 km/hr or 3.7 mph!

Reduce Costs and Injuries

Minimize injury-related costs because you will easily and safely move dumpsters into and out of rooms with the V-Move bin tug.

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Benefits of a V-Move Tug:

One of the best quality, most modern and fastest walk-along tugs on the market and therefore backed with a limited 2-year warranty (1-year labor / 2-year parts). Use to pull dumpsters, as shopping cart pusher, tractor trailer mover, boat mover, traincar or railcar mover, move heavy machinery, move aircraft, move product at airports, etc.

Buy or Lease

Favorable rates for leasing the Verhagen V-Move bin tug and/or trailers to help with your cash flow.

Zero Emissions

Reduce your environmental footprint with the Verhagen Leiden V-Move electric tow tractor and do it quietly!

Up to 6 km/hr Top Speed

That’s 3.7 mph!  Productivity will be maximized because these powerful electric dumpster tow tractors can keep up with you, even on a hill.

Built-in Safety Features

Dead-man switch, auto stop, loud vehicle horn, keyed ignition and an optional flashing light on a pole are some of the safety features.

IoT Capable

If you have a large fleet of the V-Move tugs, then this option allows you to manage your tugs in the cloud. Our optional UL/CSA certified chargers are cloud connected as well.

Very low maintenance

There are very few moving parts vs. a sit-down tractor, which leads to less maintenance and lower operating costs.

Why buy a V-Move tug?

Save costs

By moving the bins and totes with the V-Move tug, you will save costs and reduce injury-related claims.

Reduce Risk

When you have full control of your bin with a V-Move dumpster tug, you will reduce the potential for damage to property. With our tilting handle, the V-Move has one of the smallest footprints of any tug out there which allows you to get into the smallest spots.

Increase Productivity

You will reduce the time bins are away from the waste room, therefore reducing cleanup and saving time. Furthermore, you will be more productive since the V-Move tug can keep up with your walking pace.

Lots of Options for the V-Move bin tug

Wheels and tire options

Various hitch options

Wireless remote control option

Battery option

Tilting and steering arm option

Ask for a complete list of all the options available!

Hydraulic hitch options

Charger options

IoT cloud connection & reporting

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Upcoming Events to see the V-Move

  • August 2020 – ElectraFest – Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver BC
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We are currently scheduling on-site demos in Alberta, BC, Washington and Oregon.  Ask to get on the list!