V-Move Electric Tug & Tow Tractor models

The V-Move walk-along electric tug models for North America can move up to 40 MT or 88,185 lb, depending on model.

Quality Built

Quality built by a 55-year old manufacturer with mostly US and European components and backed by us with up to a two-year limited warranty.

Increase Productivity

Save time because this electric tugger goes faster than most electric walk-along tuggers. It goes up to 6 km/hr or 3.7 mph!

Reduce Costs and Injuries

Minimize injury-related costs because you will easily and safely move loads with the V-move© bin tug.

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Benefits of a V-Move Tug:

One of the best quality, most modern and fastest walk-along electric tug models on the market and therefore backed with up to a limited 2-year warranty. Use to pull dumpsters, move semi-trailers, as shopping cart pusher, concession trailer mover, boat mover, train car or railcar mover, move heavy machinery, move aircraft, move product at airports, etc.

Buy or Lease

Favorable rates and fast approvals for financing or leasing the Verhagen V-Move electric movers to help with your cash flow. We often have financing promotions to save you money.

Zero Emissions

Reduce your environmental footprint with the Verhagen Leiden V-Move electric tow tugs and do it quietly! It could also potentially earn you a LEED innovation credit.

Up to 6 km/hr Top Speed

That’s 3.7 mph!  Productivity will be maximized because these powerful electric movers can keep up with you, even on a hill.

Built-in Safety Features

Dead-man switch, auto stop, loud vehicle horn, keyed ignition and an optional flashing light on a pole are some of the safety features.

IoT Capable

If you have a large fleet of the V-Move tugs, then this option allows you to manage your tugs in the cloud. Our optional UL/CSA certified chargers are cloud connected as well.

Very low maintenance

There are very few moving parts in a V-Move electric mover vs. a 4-wheel sit-down tractor, which leads to less maintenance and lower operating costs.

Why buy a V-Move tug?

Save costs

By moving loads with the V-Move tug, you will save costs and reduce injury-related claims.

Reduce Risk

When you have full control of your load with a V-Move tug, you will reduce the potential for damage to property. With our tilting handle, the V-Move has one of the smallest footprints of any tug which emphasizes ergonomics and safety.

Increase Productivity

You will be more productive since the V-Move electric tug can keep up with your walking pace as it is one of the fastest walk-along tugs on the market.

Lots of Options for the V-Move tugs

Wheels and tire options

Various hitch options

Wireless remote control option

Battery option

Tilting and steering arm option

Ask for a complete list of all the options available!

Hydraulic hitch options

Charger options

IoT cloud connection & reporting

Xerowaste V-Move Reviews (verified by Trustalyze)

5.0 rating

We use a tug and trailer from Xerowaste to transport our recycling totes and other items around the parkade. We have found this equipment to be quite reliable and useful and I would recommend Xerowaste as a good company to discuss all waste and recycling matters with.

Facility Manager - Raincity Housing and Support Society
5.0 rating

From the Board of Directors—Essex County Condominium No. 54…….
Our 2 building condominium complex (60 units total) purchased a V- Move Tug early in 2019 and has been using it exclusively since then.
It is used every week to move garbage bins stored at an underground parking garage to (and from) an above ground pickup area where the bins are emptied by a local waste disposal service.
The bins are stored in an enclosed area where maneuvering in/out is typically challenging, then bins are towed through the underground parking garage and then up to the above ground pickup area via a 90 foot long ramp with a 1:9 gradient. (The above ground pickup location can often be snow covered during winter-so far, no problems)
To date, our V-Move Tug has performed flawlessly. The operator (our contracted maintenance person) is simply delighted with this device, primarily because the garbage handling method used previously was far more complicated and physically demanding.
Suffice to say, the Tug has not only simplified getting the job done, but it has also reduced the overall cost of doing this job. (Previously, a specially equipped truck was used by the pickup service to negotiate the garage ramp, and additional cost was a factor in our decision to use the Tug)
We would also like to say that “Michael” at Xerowaste Solutions has been very helpful throughout the process of supplying the Tug. His experience and advice was most valuable.

Essex County Condominium No. 54
5.0 rating

We have had great success with the purchase of a couple Tug units. They are a great way as another option for pull out service. Michael has been a pleasure to work with and provides outstanding customer service.

Waste Connections of Canada
5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
Very good0%


Is the V-Move walk-along tug or tow tractor safe to use?

Yes, the V-Move walk-along tugs and tow tractors are very safe when used correctly. We spec them for your specific task, so you have the correct amount of counter-weights to gain traction to safely move and stop a load. Depending on the model and options chosen, some of the safety features are: Regenerative braking, additional hydraulic-assisted braking, dual-drive motors, lockable driveline when parked, locking differential for added traction, positive throttle so when you let off the throttle it will stop, various emergency stop buttons, auto pinch stop button, auto stop with power loss, auto slow down in corners, flashing LED light, loud vehicle horn, radio-frequency protected electronics, safety-oriented operator manual, optional on-site training by a Xerowaste operating engineer, warnings when remaining battery capacity is low, wheel guards, explosion proofing and keyed ignition. Our tow tractors have additional safety features such as a dead-man switch, limited speed operation and bumpers.

What run time, in hours, can a V-Move walk-along tug or load mover batteries last for?

It depends on many factors. Factors such as battery size, temperature, load, surface friction, caster or wheel resistance, slope, speed, constant speed or repeated acceleration and de-acceleration, motor energy consumption, etc. Generally, you want to follow the battery manufacturer recommendations on draw-down or consumption of available full Ah capacity before recharging to get the stated life out of the battery. Some battery types have different recommended maximum draw-down before recharging. AGM usually recommends you don’t use more than 50% or 60% of available full Ah capacity before recharging. Lithium-ion usually recommends drawing down up to 80% before recharging. Some batteries allow partial charging between uses, such as Lithium-ion and “forklift” style flooded cells with the correct type of charger.
Generally, most V-Move tugs from 12-volt to 48-volt systems will allow up to 2.5 hours of continuous use on average with standard batteries or up to 5.5 hours of continuous use with the largest optional size batteries. ‘Opportunity’ charging, with certain battery types and sizes, allows frequent use of the tugs for up to 24/7 operation.

Why can the V-Move push or pull more weight when a cart is on rails than a cart on casters?

The rolling resistance of a railcar or cart with steel wheels on steel rails is much less than by using a cart with rubber, steel or hard plastic wheels on normal surfaces like concrete, asphalt or sand. The V-Move tug can pull a lot more weight when the items is on rails, when properly configured, vs pulling on normal surfaces such as concrete. If you have a factory and want to use a less-powered and more affordable V-Move tug to move a heavy load, then it may benefit you by installing and placing your load to move on rails instead of pulling a cart on casters across a concreted floor.

What is the price or cost of a V-Move bin tug or dumpster mover?

The cost of a bin tug or dumpster mover varies depending on the model of the V-Move tug and the configured options for your use. If you ask, then we can provide you the price. What we recommend you should be doing is determining and evaluating the payback you can obtain from the purchase of a V-Move bin tug or dumpster mover to justify the purchase. Payback for this is calculated as the potential savings annually divided into the capital cost of a bin tug or dumpster mover to give a value in years. Anything less than 4 years is an acceptable payback. One part of savings is calculated as the value of preventable injuries, reduced lost work days and reduced WCB costs by moving bins with a device such as a dumpster mover, load mover or bin tug. In some cases, moving heavy loads by hand has resulted in death, which you can’t put a high enough cost to. If you subcontract the movement of your waste bins, then by bringing that in-house with a V-Move tug, in certain cases, allows you to save a substantial amount annually. We have some Xerowaste customers that have saved up to CAD $15,000 annually from subcontracted costs alone, just by bringing it in-house with a Xerowaste V-Move tug. There are many other factors to consider when calculating the payback cost of purchasing a V-Move tug to move heavy loads vs pushing and pulling by hand.

How do you calculate the savings of using a V-Move tug to move railcars and semi-trailers vs using a locomotive or semi-truck?

To evaluate the purchase of a V-Move tug, you look at payback or ROI. Calculate the cost of a fully loaded per mile or per hour rate to operate a locomotive or semi-tractor truck to move the loads vs. the cost to operate a V-Move tug. You should add the capital cost of your routed locomotive or semi-tractor as a depreciation rate per hour or mile to your operating cost as well since it consumes from the life of your asset. The V-Move asset will be an added cost of capital and is evaluated in the payback calculation and not added to the cost of operating a V-Move tug. The difference in costs per year between the two alternatives divided into the added capital cost of a V-Move tug results in your payback value in years. Anything less than 4-years is reasonable. When you calculate your annual cost to operate the locomotive or semi-truck, consider the cost of your professional driver with benefits, repair costs, fuel costs, insurance, and allocated overhead costs (such as required daily vehicle inspections) to name a few. Then there is the savings to calculate from emissions and your lower overall carbon footprint of using a V-Move walk-along tug vs a locomotive or semi-truck or even vs an electric semi-truck or electric railcar mover. Generally, Xerowaste customers see less than a year or two payback when using a V-Move tug vs using a locomotive or semi-tractor truck.

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