V-Move 40t semi trailer mover
Moves 130,000 lb

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Xerowaste.ca | V-move 40t semi trailer mover tug - also known as terminal tractor tug

Get up to a 45% rebate or grant on the purchase of a V-move semi-trailer mover for qualified purchasers of a V-move semi-trailer mover. Ask for details.

The V-Move 40t walk-along electric semi-trailer mover or electric terminal tractor tug with two 10 kW motors is ideal for moving semi trailers up to 130,000 lb on a flat surface or 88,185 lb on a 5% grade and lifting semi trailer loads 30,865 lb or 14 MT. It uses more powerful motors than our 4XL, which has been known to move up to 176,000 lb.
The V-move 40t generates a whopping 9,900 lb-f or 44,000 Newtons of force and goes up to 3.1 mph so you can get the job done faster and safely. Verhagen backs the 20T and 40T with a two-year limited warranty.

It is the premium, most powerful, and most capable walk-along electric semi trailer mover tug. Due to the large specially engineered footprint, it is very stable and safe and doesn't require a license to operate. It has been redesigned and improved in 2020 with a large selection of options and new safety features. The smaller and new 20t trailer mover that can move 25 MT or 44,093 lb is also available.

The V-Move 40t semi trailer mover (also known as a terminal tractor, yard spotter, yard dog, yard goat, yard hostler, mule, yard truck, or prime mover) has dual maintenance-free 48-volt AC motors. There is a lower total cost of ownership for an AC motor than a DC motor. An AC motor has advantages over a DC motor as it has a flatter torque curve to move the load easier, uses less energy most of the time, and has smoother movement with no jerking. See this site for real-world comparison of AC vs DC motors: AC Motor Advantages

Back in 2016, Popular Mechanics picked up on the Verhagen battery-powered walk-along semi-trailer mover as the first of its kind: Popular Mechanics Magazine - New Technology

For Ports and large distribution center applications, see how a research company in Europe has developed a fully-automated V-move 40T to move semi-trailers into and from loading docks to reduce capital costs vs full-sized electric tractors, address the labour shortage, lower energy required or your environmental footprint, and reduce space needed to manoeuvre.  Follow this exciting forefront at their website:  https://www.tno.nl/en/newsroom/insights/2023/04/automotive-week-automated-logistics/

V-move 40T remote control semi-trailer mover

If you are looking to move small boat and camper trailers, try our very popular V-Move XL

Due to our dual drive motors and top quality and highly rated deep and aggressive tread tires, this V-Move walk-along battery-powered terminal tractor has maximum traction. When properly equipped, you can use the standard solid tires in the snow with caution. See our tire and wheel page for advice on winter usage.

When you buy an electric car, it comes with individual direct-drive AC motors at 2 or 4 wheels. Each direct-drive motor assists in stopping, electromagnetically, and each drive wheel is also braked with hydraulic brakes. The V-Move Trailermovers have direct-drive dual AC motors that have electromagnetic brakes, hydraulic parking brake standard, and optional air-assisted trailer braking while on hills.

This V-Move terminal tractor walk-along tug uses the latest Curtis CAN-bus computer controller, a large motive 'forklift' style flooded battery pack, a US-made UL/CSA approved charger and almost all other components are European-made. If you have a fleet of our V-move Trailermover tuggers, you can option for the remote cloud-based monitoring of the tugs giving you asset location tracking and tug statistics monitoring. With the included standard tilting handle, the semi-trailer mover has a reduced footprint allowing you to get into tight spots to get at loads.

Our semi trailer mover tugs have the option to use a large capacity AGM battery pack or a high capacity 400 Ah Lithium-ion as an option for a super-fast and efficient industrial opportunity charger. The optional "forklift" style flooded cell battery pack is easy and quick to pull out and exchange with a freshly charged one if you want to affordably use the V-move 40T 24/7.

The V-Move 40t semi trailer tugger is best suited for heavier semi trailer loads and is a much lower carbon footprint solution around the yard than full-sized terminal tractors, semi tractors, or shunt trucks - even electric ones. Verhagen launched the semi trailer mover in early 2015. Production was sold out each year, well in advance, due to its popularity around the world. Combined with Verhagen Leiden, we have over 45 business years of material handling experience and are ready to help you.

V-Move 40t Semi Trailer Mover Specifications

Push or Pull 40+ MT / 88,185+ lb
Weight Carry 14 MT / 30,865 lb
Max Gradient 10%
Power (min)
Power (max)
19 kW / 25.5 hp
32 kW / 42.9 hp

Drawbar pull:
Force (min) Force (max)
44 kN or 9,900 lbf
Speed 0 - 5 km/hr / 0 - 3.1 mph
Braking Electromagnetic brakes at each wheel and optional added air-assisted brakes
Voltage 48 volts
Motor Type AC - maintenance-free
Battery Type 48V 320 Ah/5hr flooded "forklift" style
Charger UL/CSA approved charger included
Tug Weight 3,000+ kg / 6,114+ lb
Size (lwh) 326x153x100 cm / 129x60x39 in

Specifications subject to change

Ask us about all the options we have to customize your terminal tractor walk-along tug for your use.

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Rated 5 out of 5

From the Board of Directors—Essex County Condominium No. 54…….

Our 2 building condominium complex (60 units total) purchased a V- Move Tug early in 2019 and has been using it exclusively since then.

It is used every week to move garbage bins stored at an underground parking garage to (and from) an above ground pickup area where the bins are emptied by a local waste disposal service.

The bins are stored in an enclosed area where maneuvering in/out is typically challenging, then bins are towed through the underground parking garage and then up to the above ground pickup area via a 90 foot long ramp with a 1:9 gradient. (The above ground pickup location can often be snow covered during winter-so far, no problems)

To date, our V-Move Tug has performed flawlessly. The operator (our contracted maintenance person) is simply delighted with this device, primarily because the garbage handling method used previously was far more complicated and physically demanding.

Suffice to say, the Tug has not only simplified getting the job done, but it has also reduced the overall cost of doing this job. (Previously, a specially equipped truck was used by the pickup service to negotiate the garage ramp, and additional cost was a factor in our decision to use the Tug)

We would also like to say that “Michael” at Xerowaste Solutions has been very helpful throughout the process of supplying the Tug. His experience and advice was most valuable.

Avatar for Essex County Condominium No. 54
Essex County Condominium No. 54