V-Move EDV Burden Carrier
Moves 772 lb

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The V-Move EDV walk-along burden carrier electric tug with a 500-watt motor is ideal for carrying loads up to a minimum of 350 kg or 772 lb. Its load-carrying size and shape are customizable. This V-Move burden carrier electric tug is designed to move and stop the loads safely and without any extra physical effort from the user.

Due to our advanced driveshaft and various tire treads, you can use the V-Move EDV burden carrier electric tug both on and off solid surfaces, such as on the grass, and in snow.

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This V-Move tug uses the latest Curtis CAN-bus computer controller, top-quality deep-cycle maintenance-free batteries, and a water and dust-proof UL/CSA-approved charger. This burden carrier electric tug can be optioned with Lithium-ion so you can run it constantly throughout the day and charge when you have the opportunity.

The V-Move EDV burden carrier electric tug can be used to carry loads such as boxes for restocking airport concession stands, moving plants at nurseries, carrying construction equipment, or carrying anything you need that will fit on the customized platform and within the weight restrictions. If you need to haul more weight, you may want to consider using a V-Move 650 tow tug and trailer. The 650 with trailer, in combination with the V-Move EDV burden carrier, is often used at airports to haul garbage and recycling, and baggage, as well as stocking stores and restaurants in the airports.

Combined with Verhagen Leiden, we have over 45 business years of material handling experience.

V-Move EDV Tug Specifications

Weight Carry 350 KG / 772 lb
Max Gradient 10%
Power (min)
Power (max)
0.5 kW / 0.67 hp
Speed 0 - 6 km/hr / 0 - 3.7 mph
Voltage 24 volts
Motor Type DC
Battery Type 2 x 12V 50Ah maintenance-free
Charger UL/CSA approved charger included
Tug Weight 144+ kg / 318+ lb
Size (lwh) 246x85x117 cm / 97x33x46 in

Specifications subject to change

Ask us about all the options we have to customize this V-Move burden carrier tug for your use. Also consider downloading our sales flyer, on the below button link, to obtain more information about the V-Move EDV electric tug.

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Rated 5 out of 5

We are a large property management company with a need to transport heavy waste bins up through our parkade each week. After years of using an aging tractor, we recently purchased a V-Move tug to:

• Prevent driving an unlicensed ‘vehicle’ (old tractor) in the back lane, which is a huge liability, especially if we were involved in any type of accident with another vehicle or pedestrian.

• Reduce pollution, especially for the driver and other occupants of the parkade.

• Eliminate purchasing, transporting and storing gasoline on site inside our parkade.

• Eliminate dangerous conditions our staff previously faced while operating the tractor.

• Reduce operating costs (fuel and servicing) and downtime.

The service from Xerowaste Solutions has been excellent, with quick response time and clear communications. So far, the V-Move tug has delivered exactly as promised, reducing operating costs while improving safety. We even bought the snow plow attachment and look forward to putting it to use!

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Paul (Vancouver)