Frequently asked questions about the V-Move walk-along tugs and tow tractors.

V-Move Tug Technical FAQ

It depends on many factors. Factors such as battery size, temperature, load, surface friction, caster or wheel resistance, slope, speed, constant speed or repeated acceleration and de-acceleration, motor energy consumption, etc. Generally, you want to follow the battery manufacturer recommendations on draw-down or consumption of available full Ah capacity before recharging to get the stated life out of the battery. Some battery types have different recommended maximum draw-down before recharging. AGM type has recommendations that you don’t use more than 50% or 60% of available full Ah capacity before recharging. With Lithium-ion you can draw down up to 80% or 90% before recharging. Wet cells, such as in our Motive batteries, allow you to draw down to 80% before recharging. Some batteries allow partial charging between uses, such as Lithium-ion and forklift style flooded cells with the correct type of charger. Currently, our selection of batteries ranges from 2x12V (24 Volt) 25.5 Ah to 2x24V (48 Volt) 420 Ah or 21.5kWh. If you provide us with all the details for your particular use, we can estimate the time our tugs will operate for on a full-charged battery and options you have if you need it to last longer.

The cost of a bin tug or dumpster mover varies depending on the model of the V-Move tug and the options. What we recommend for a company or multi-unit residential building is determining and evaluating the payback you can obtain from the purchase of a V-Move bin tug or dumpster mover to justify the purchase. Payback for this is calculated as the potential savings annually divided into the capital cost of a bin tug or dumpster mover to give a value in years. Anything less than 4 years is an acceptable payback. One part of savings is calculated as the value of preventable injuries, reduced lost workdays and reduced injury costs by moving bins with a device such as a dumpster mover, load mover or bin tug. In some cases, moving heavy loads by hand has resulted in death, which you can’t put a high enough cost to. If you subcontract the movement of your waste bins, then by bringing that in-house with a V-Move tug, in certain cases, it allows you to save a substantial amount annually. We have Xerowaste customers that have saved up to net Canadian $15,000 annually from subcontracted costs alone, just by bringing it in-house with a Xerowaste V-Move tug. There are many other factors to consider when calculating the payback cost of purchasing a V-Move tug to move heavy loads versus pushing and pulling by hand. Contact us and we can provide you a spreadsheet to use to calculate the rough payback.

To evaluate the purchase of a V-Move tug, you look at payback or ROI. Calculate the cost of a fully-loaded per mile or per hour rate to operate a locomotive or semi-tractor truck to move the loads versus the cost to operate a V-Move tug. You should add the capital cost of your routed locomotive or semi-tractor as a depreciation rate per hour or mile to your operating cost as well since it consumes from the life of your asset. The V-Move asset will be an added cost of capital and is evaluated in the payback calculation and not added to the cost of operating a V-Move tug. The difference in costs per year between the two alternatives divided into the added capital cost of a V-Move tug results in your simple payback value in years. Anything less than 4-years is reasonable. When you calculate your annual cost to operate the locomotive or semi-truck, consider the cost of your professional driver with benefits, repair costs, fuel costs, insurance, and allocated overhead costs (such as required daily vehicle inspections) to name a few. Then there are the savings to calculate from emissions and your lower overall carbon footprint of using a V-Move walk-along tug versus a locomotive or semi-truck or even versus an electric semi-truck or electric railcar mover. Generally, Xerowaste customers see less than a year or two paybacks when using a V-Move tug versus using a locomotive or semi-tractor truck. Contact us and we can provide you a spreadsheet to use to calculate the rough payback.

V-Move Tug use FAQ

The rolling resistance of a railcar or cart with steel wheels on steel rails is much less than by using a cart with rubber, steel, or hard plastic wheels on normal surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or sand. The V-Move tug can pull a lot more weight when the items are on rails when properly configured, versus pulling on normal surfaces such as concrete. If you have a factory and want to use a less-powered and more affordable V-Move tug to move a heavy load, then it may benefit you by installing and placing your load to move on rails instead of pulling a cart on casters across a concrete floor.

Yes, the V-Move walk-along tugs and tow tractors are very safe when used correctly. We spec them for your specific task, so you have the correct amount of counterweight to gain traction to safely move and stop a load. Depending on the model and options chosen, some of the safety features are: Regenerative braking, additional hydraulic-assisted braking, dual-drive motors, lockable driveline when parked, locking differential for added traction, positive throttle so when you let off the throttle it will stop, various emergency stop buttons, auto pinch stop button, auto stop with power loss, auto slowdown in corners, flashing LED light, loud vehicle horn, radio-frequency protected electronics, safety-oriented operator manual, optional on-site training by a Xerowaste operating engineer, warnings when remaining battery capacity is low, wheel guards, explosion proofing and keyed ignition. Our tow tractors have additional safety features such as a dead-man switch, limited speed operation and crash guards.

Properly configured containers can be safely moved with the proper V-Move tug. Self-contained compactors, such as a 6-cubic yard front-load bin, that have been professionally modified by the manufacturer, can be safely lifted on one end and moved up a slope and out to the curb for servicing by a front-load garbage truck with a V-Move walk-along tug. Compactor receiving bins as large as 6 cubic yards can also be moved out by a V-Move tug to be serviced by a front-load truck. With large weighted compactor receiving bins, such as 4 and 6-cubic yard bins, it is best to have only one end of the bin having casters so when the bin is placed down it can not move on its own. Smaller compacted receiving bins like 2 and 3-cubic yard bins can easily be moved by most of our V-Move tugs. They would have chains welded to the bin that wrap around the caster wheels on the ground to help prevent movement when left unattended in an area where it is not sloped. Our tugs can also move roll-off containers and roll-off self-contained compactors along relatively flat surfaces when the bins are configured properly. Because of the length of the roll-off bin and how close it is to the ground; you can’t take it down slopes otherwise it may ground out. The V-Move tug allows you to place the roll-off bin where you need it, rather than where the hauler needs it and even underground if you had a large enough and strong enough vehicle elevator. Moving shipping containers is also easy with our larger tugs when the bin is configured correctly to be moved.

On some of our smaller tugs, we provide optional off-road aggressive traction tire tread so you can use them to move trailers in mud, sand, on gravel, and on the grass. By adding weight to the tug, the tug gains more traction on less than ideal surfaces. Most models also work well on slopes with snow with the correct tires. Chains are optional with some tires for added traction. We always recommend you safely test first when on slippery slopes.

Xerowaste Policy FAQ

Xerowaste Solutions Inc. provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser of a new walk-along tug or utility vehicle for a period of the lesser of 24 months or 2,080 hours after delivery. Warranty parts and labour is included in the first year and warranty parts only in the second year. Onsite travel is not included. If the unit has a hydraulic lifter, the hydraulic related components warranty is 12 months parts and labour only.
This warranties it to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty shall not apply to (i) normal wear and tear, (ii) any part that has been altered, modified, or changed, or (iii) any part that has been subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, or accident. We shall not be responsible for claims for special, indirect, or consequential damages or injuries. Some components, such as the batteries and accessories, have their own warranty provided by the specific manufacturer. The warranty is not transferable. Warranty is valid in North America only. Some components may have different warranties, depending on what country the tug is operated in, from the manufacturers.
Faults must be reported to Xerowaste Solutions Inc. before the end of the warranty period.
In the event of faults, Xerowaste Solutions Inc. will arrange to:
(1) exchange the defective part(s). Xerowaste Solutions Inc. becomes the owner of the defective parts, which must be returned to us.
(2) choose another solution if a repair is not reasonably possible or feasible.
The customer must give Xerowaste Solutions Inc. the opportunity to rectify any faults.
Upon the expiration of the warranty period, all such liability shall terminate.

Our Return Policy to Guarantee your Satisfaction:
We want to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new V-Move tug purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know so we can try to rectify the issue with you. If you would prefer to return the tug, for a refund or do an upgrade or downgrade, you must do so with single orders within the first 15-days of receiving the first tug from us. Return authorization must be issued by Xerowaste Solutions in advance of the return and we will provide the address you ship to. Item must be in like-new condition and returned in the original packaging, properly strapped, and insured by the customer for the full retail value. Item is not considered returned until inspected by Xerowaste and we will confirm to you by email once we receive it and it is inspected for damage and complete with all accessories and options. Shipping and brokerage costs are non-refundable and the responsibility of the customer. US customers can return to our US address. A 15% restocking fee applies if in like-new condition. Refunds will be processed by cheque.

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