V-move LT36

V-Move LT36 load mover
Moves 13,228 lb

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The V-Move LT36 walk-along battery-powered load mover tug with a 2.6 kW AC motor is ideal for lifting one end of a heavy load, such as a compactor bin, trailer, roll-off bin, or cart, and pushing or pulling it along relatively flat surfaces. It can carry loads up to 6,614 lb or 3 MT and move loads up to 13,228 lb or 6 MT. It is one of our newest models and comes with our reassuring Xerowaste V-move 2-year warranty.

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The V-Move LT36 has a maintenance-free AC motor, which results in a lower total cost of ownership for an AC motor than a DC motor, and is designed to move and stop the loads safely and without any effort from the user. An AC motor has advantages over a DC motor as it has a flatter torque curve to move the load easier, uses less energy most of the time, and smoother operation with no jerking. See this site for real-world comparison of AC vs DC motors: AC Motor Advantages

The V-move LT36 load mover comes with heavy-duty caster wheels and has a speed forward or backwards up to 6 km/hr or 3.7 mph.  It stops quickly with its electro-magnetic brake, has a safety stop button, an intelligent safety pinch button, and it comes stock with a horn.

This V-Move® load moving tug uses the latest Curtis CAN-bus computer controller, top-quality maintenance-free deep cycle batteries, and a LI-ready 24V 5A charger that can connect to your cell phone with the provided app. With the included tilting handle, the LT36 has a reduced footprint allowing you to get into tight spots to get at loads. To answer some of your questions, see our FAQ page.

Our LT36 tugger has the option to use Lithium-ion batteries for a long-running time and years of charge cycling.

The V-Move LT36 load mover comes with a standard ball mount and a hydraulic lifer. An optional different hitch can be designed and fabricated by the factory, if needed. Combined with Verhagen Leiden, we have over 45 business years of material handling experience to help you get the right solution.

V-Move LT36 2.6 kW Tug Specifications

Push or Pull6 MT / 13,228 lb
Weight Carry3 MT / 6,614 lb
Max Gradient3%
Power (min)2.6 kW / 3.5 hp
Speed0 - 6 km/hr / 0 - 3.7 mph
Voltage24 volts
Motor TypeAC - maintenance-free
Battery Type2 x 12 volt 100Ah maintenance-free
Charger24V 5A UL/CSA approved charger included
Tug Weight650 kg / 1,433 lb
Size (lwh)120x75x90 cm / 47x30x35 in

Specifications subject to change

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Xerowaste as a company was great to work with. Michael was very helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first time purchasing a tug and Michael made it easy. Very satisfied!

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