Maintenance and Parts Inventory

Factory authorized warranty repairs for your V-move tug and Bin Butler trailer,  safety inspections, and stocking of parts in BC Canada.

Safety Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Factory-Authorized Repairs

If you are in BC, Alberta, Washington, or Oregon we service you with our factory-trained technicians that know the V-move and Bin Butler equipment. If you are within North America, we partner with highly-skilled DC and AC motor specialists that repair tugs and load movers.  Xerowaste and our repair partners have the equipment, such as Curtis programmers, to troubleshoot any issues and perform any repairs.

Annual Safety Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Throughout North America, we provide scheduled annual or semi-annual safety inspections and preventative maintenance. Often state or provincial work safety boards will either strongly suggest or mandate safety inspections to ensure worker safety. Our safety inspections follow any state or provincial rules and guidelines outlined by Verhagen Leiden to ensure your V-move load mover or tow tractor is operating safely and to address scheduled maintenance to maximize your V-move asset life.

Ask us about scheduling annual safety inspections and preventative maintenance of your V-move tug or Bin Butler trailer

Parts Inventory


We stock an ever increasing variety of OEM Verhagen Leiden parts or factory-approved aftermarket parts in Vancouver BC Canada. Some of the stock parts we use on the V-move tug and tow tractors are made in North American and available from our supply of local manufacturers and wholesalers. Other parts that are made in Europe are brought over by air-freight when needed fast or brought over by sea for regular stocking.  Most of the parts are made in the USA or Europe.

Xerowaste Bin Butler 6 & 8 tote tote trailer or recycling cart for use with V-move walk-along load movers, dumspter tug, dumpster mover, waste bin tug, dumpster puller

Xerowaste Parts

We manufacturer the Bin Butler custom recycling tote trailers, tow bars, and bin towing tabs in Canada and stock inventory and parts for our Xerowaste brands. | V-Move 4XL industrial load mover battery compartment | Industrial tug | Airplane push back tug | Rail car mover

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