Take your military mission to the next level with V-Move load movers

Xerowaste Solutions provides the US and Canadian Military and Government with high-quality and leading-edge walk-along load movers for mission-critical tasks. V-move tugs are highly reliable, secure and the most capable walk-along load movers.

We offer Canadian and US government and military discounts and can deliver anywhere in North America

Our NCAGE Code# L0J99

Move up to 40 MT or 88,185 lb and lift up to 14 MT or 30,865 lb with the most powerful and fastest walk-along movers.


Our selling partners in Europe have moved up to 80 MT or 176,370 lb and up to 454 MT or 1,000,000 lb when moving rail cars with the V-move 4XL, however we don’t advise extremes.

Xerowaste.ca | V-Move 40t Trailer Mover 40 MT+ moving capacity to move semi-trailers in your yard
Military Government Material Handling Solutions

Our remotes are made in Europe or the US and have 64-bit encrypted code to ensure a secure connection.

Our remote controls range from simple forward/back/stop/speed to highly functional ones that have camera views and control all tug options.

Our controllers are made in Europe or the USA, are highly capable with CANbus, have IP65 sealing, and protect against electromagnetic radio waves affecting other equipment.


Our V-move XL+ and larger model have up to 98% assembled content from the USA and Europe.

Xerowaste.ca | V-Move 40t Trailer Mover 40 MT+ moving capacity to move semi-trailers in your yard
V-move XXL explosion proof certified industrial tugger

Our line of AC motor tugs don’t spark like a DC motor tug and are easy and affordable to field-certify for use in Military and Government hazardous locations.


See some difference between AC and DC motors HERE

Our 20MT-capable V-move XXL tug with the optional 420 Ah Lithium-ion battery pack has the longest run time for mission-critical military government use.

Xerowaste V-Move XXL moving aircraft engine | Industrial tug | Airplane push back tug
V-Move 3XL moving a large military boat | Xerowaste.ca

V-Move 3XL moving a large military boat

V-Move XL tug pulling police helicopter  | Xerowaste.ca

V-Move XL pulling police helicopter

V-move semi-trailer mover moving an MRI trailer | Xerowaste.ca

V-Move 2015 Trailermover moving MRI trailer

V-Move XL tug moving rescue helicopter | Xerowaste.ca

V-move XL moving rescue helicopter

V-move XXL industrial tug nato hitch | Xerowaste.ca

V-Move XXL tug NATO hitch

V-Move XL tug moving a boat and trailer on a beach | Xerowaste.ca

V-Move XL moving boat & trailer on beach