RailCar Mover or Train Car Mover
Move up to 660K lb

The V-Move walk-along train car mover or railcar mover makes easy work of heavy train car or rapid transit car movement in a yard, ocean port, at a manufacturing plant, or at a maintenance facility. Our most powerful walk-along mover can move up to 660,000 lb or 300 MT on rails.

Increase your efficiency by moving a train car by hand with a walk-along pedestrian-operated tug by moving more than one railcar with the V-Move. Shipping yards and ports will benefit using a V-Move railcar mover as it will lower their capital costs, lower their operating costs, and reduce their environmental footprint. Even vs a full-sized electric railcar mover, the V-Move has a smaller environmental footprint and is more efficient when the job calls for the movement of a rail car around a yard or in a maintenance facility where there is a paved or concrete surface.

See one of our railcar moving tugs, the XXL, in action moving a train car mover AND a railcar attached to it:

When moving rail cars, we recommend our V-move 4XL railcar mover as it:

  • Goes up to 5 km/hr or 3.1 mph to get the job done faster and safely
  • Is narrow enough as it fits on the paving or concrete between the rails in rail yards
  • Has two direct-drive maintenance-free AC motors for added traction and low maintenance
  • Both hydraulic and electromagnetic brakes for reduced stopping distance and additional safeguard
  • Full remote control for added safety
  • The ability to weigh up to 7,000 kg or 15,432 lb for added traction
  • A large capacity forklift style swap-able battery for up to 8 hours or more of use

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When moving carts on rails within your facility, usually during manufacturing, we recommend either the XL+, XXL, 3XL, or 4XL

A V-Move railcar mover doesn’t require a highly specialized engineer to operate and has a very low operating cost. To have a crew operate a locomotive to move rail cars around a yard is a very costly capital and operating cost per mile or per hour that may be able to be avoided in certain circumstances with the use of a V-Move railcar mover. See our FAQ section for how to evaluate the purchase of a V-move railcar mover using a simple payback model.

The AC-motor V-Move tugs we recommend to be used for moving lighter rapid transit cars and industrial carts on rails are the XL+, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL. They are all high-quality industrial designed tugs that are intended to accept weight plates to gain their traction on their own. Our larger tugs have standard or optional power steering and hydraulic assisted power brakes to maneuver and stop the loads. The V-Move 4XL with full weight plates will weigh 15,432 lb and has a drawbar pull of 35,000 Newtons or 7,868 lb-f.

See our FAQ for more questions answered

Our XXL, 3XL, and 4XL tugs either come standard with or have the option to use Motive “Forklift” style flooded cell battery packs. We also offer maintenance-free AGM cell motive battery packs, or dry cell maintenance-free batteries, as well as Lithium-ion, for long-running times and up to years of charge cycling.

V-Move tugs are made by Verhagen Leiden, a 59-year old material handling manufacturer in The Netherlands that has been manufacturing walk-along tugs for over 39 years. Xerowaste Solutions is the only authorized North-American distributor of the V-Move brand of walk-along tugs and tow tractors and we offer a one-year warranty on the V-move lineup of their walk-along tugs and tow tractors.

The 4XL V-move tug has been known to move up to 450 MT or 1,000,000 lb when moving railcars on rails. However, we do not recommend extremes like that, that can't be safely stopped fast. We would recommend the V-move model (if the weight moved is within the engineer's acceptable limit) and counterweight plates required for your specific situation. We have provided estimates below, in the table of tug models, of the weights on rails that we recommend our tugs can safely push/pull and stop with. Our tugs come with options you can select like a remote control for hands-free operation, charger and/or tug cloud-based statistics monitoring, and asset tracking for customers that have large quantities of V-Move tugs, as well as many hitches, wheels/tires, batteries, chargers, and additional safety options.

To see some answers to questions you might have about using tugs, technical questions, and company policies, see our FAQ page: HERE

See details on our line of railcar movers and download a brochure:

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