V-Move 650 Tow Tug

Moves up to 2 MT or 4,409 lb

The V-Move 650 industrial electric tow tug or tugger can be used as a personnel carrier, stock chaser, burden carrier, tow tractor, or maintenance cart. It can be configured as a stand-up version with a lean bar or a sit-down version with a seat. It is one of the most versatile vehicle tugs available and we can configure it for your particular use.

The 650 tow tug or personnel carrier has a 1,200 watt maintenance-free AC motor and can tow loads up to 2 MT or 4,409 lb and carry up to 500 kg or 1,102 lb. It is lighter than other competitor’s industrial electric vehicle tugs, which means you will have less wear and tear on tires and brakes leading to a lower total cost of ownership. The maintenance-free AC motor will also save you money over a DC motor and is designed to move the tug smoother and will recharge the batteries while de-accelerating.

An AC motor has advantages over a DC motor as it has a flatter torque curve to move the load easier, is quieter to operate, better suited for hazardous or explosive applications, uses less energy most of the time, and smoother operation with no jerking. See this site for real-world comparison of AC vs DC motors: AC Motor Advantages

The V-Move 650 tow tug or industrial tugger is fully customizable and is small and light enough to fit in standard elevators. This V-Move industrial electric utility vehicle tug has a built-in dead man switch, loud vehicle horn, headlamp, tail lamps, and optional fire extinguisher and flashing light on a pole to ensure a high level of safety.

Due to our advanced driveshaft, you can use the V-Move electric industrial tow tug both on and off solid surfaces and in snow.

This V-Move Tow Tug / Personnel Carrier / Burden Carrier uses the latest Curtis CAN-bus computer controller, top quality US-made maintenance-free batteries and a US-made UL/CSA approved charger. Lithium-ion is available as an option, as is in all of our tugs. All our tugs are engineered to eliminate radio frequencies to allow you to safely use it in hospitals. Many different hitches are available including auto coupling hitches, standard cart hitches, and others.

The V-Move 650 can be used as an order picker, a stock chaser, burden carrier, personnel carrier, at airports, hospitals, nurseries, manufacturing plants, warehouses, or anywhere a small footprint sit-down or stand-up tow tractor is needed. One of the 6 largest airports in the world uses about two hundred V-Move tugs including this tug! Combined with Verhagen Leiden, we have over 60 business years of material handling experience.

See our FAQ for more questions answered

If you need a more powerful tow tractor that is quicker to accelerate and with a larger capacity battery pack, then consider the V-Move 1200 tow tractor.

V-Move 650 Tug Specifications

Tow2 MT / 4,409 lb
Weight Carry0.5 MT / 1,102 lb
Max Gradient14%
Power (min)
Power (max)
1.2 kW / 1.6 hp
2.4 kW / 3.2 hp
Force (min)
Force (max)
1,500 Newtons / 337 lbf
3,500 Newtons / 787 lbf
Speed Forward
Speed Backward
0 - 14 km/hr / 0 - 8.7 mph
0 - 6 km/hr / 0 - 3.7 mph
Voltage24 volts
Motor TypeAC
Battery Type2 x 12 volt 100 Ah AGM maintenance free
ChargerUL/CSA approved charger included
Tug Weight245+ kg / 540+ lb
Size (lwh)135x74x110 cm / 53x29x43 in
Specifications subject to change

Xerowaste V-Move 650 tow tug used at a nursery to pull racks of plants | Stock chaser | Sit down riding tug

Ask us about all the options we have to customize the V-move 650 industrial tugger for your use.

Get up to $2,000 back on a qualified purchase of a V-Move 650 if you are in British Columbia

http://pluginbc.ca/suvi/ Or ask us for more details. There are other incentive programs in other provinces and states we can point you to.

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