V-Move EDV

Moves up to 750 kg or 1,654 lb

The V-Move EDV walk-along electric tug with a 500 watt motor is ideal for carrying loads up to 0.75 MT or 1,654 lb. Its load-carrying size is customizable. The V-Move is designed to move and stop the loads safely and without any effort from the user.

Due to our advanced driveshaft, you can use the V-Move both on and off solid surfaces and in snow.

This V-Move tug use the latest Curtis CAN-bus computer controller, top quality US-made maintenance-free batteries and a US-made UL/CSA approved charger.

The V-Move EDV can be used to carry loads such as boxes for restocking airport concession stands, moving plants at nurseries, carrying construction equipment or carrying anything you need that will fit on the customized platform and within the weight restrictions. Combined with Verhagen Leiden, we have over 60 business years of material handling experience.

V-Move EDV Tug Specifications

Weight Carry0.75 MT / 1,654 lb
Max Gradient10%
Power (min)
Power (max)
0.5 kW / 0.67 hp
Speed0 - 6 km/hr / 0 - 3.7 mph
Voltage24 volts
Motor TypeDC
Battery Type2 x 12 volt AGM maintenance free
ChargerUL/CSA approved charger included
Tug Weight144+ kg / 318+ lb
Size (lwh)246x85x117 cm / 97x33x46 in
Specifications subject to change

Ask us about all the options we have to customize the tug for your use.

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