V-Move Shopping Cart Pusher XL

Pushes up to 5 MT or 11,023 lb

The V-Move XL walk-along electric tug shopping cart pusher model with a low RPM 1.5 kW DC motor is custom designed for pushing grocery and shopping carts.

Our low RPM DC motor has a longer life than most DC motors with less maintenance since it does not spin as fast and prematurely wear out the motor brushes. Verhagen created their first DC motor XL tug over 35 years ago and those tugs are still being used by the same original customers and have required very little scheduled maintenance over their life so far.

The V-Move shopping cart pusher or grocery cart pusher has a remote control (made in Europe by a leading remote control manufacturer that is trusted by airlines to move 747 jumbo jets), custom cartwheel hitch and a long marine-quality cord to hold the carts together. You can add a tow hitch to pull waste bins or a snowplow and it can take weight plates so it has added traction in snow, on ice, and on slopes. The V-Move XL cart retriever has a powerful motor and a heavy-duty trans-axle.

Due to our advanced driveshaft, you can use the V-Move grocery cart pusher on and off solid surfaces, off-road and in snow. Optional chains allow you to use it on ice.

This V-Move cart retriever tug uses the latest Curtis computer controller, top quality US-made maintenance-free batteries and a US-made UL/CSA approved charger. With the included tilting handle, V-Move has one of the smallest footprints of any walk-along tug allowing you to get into tight spots to get at loads. We suggest you option it with our Lithium batteries so you can run it all the time, charge it on breaks and at lunch/dinner and not have it sit around charging for 5 to 8 hours like AGM or wet cell battery tugs require.

If you want a higher-end grocery cart pusher that can push more carts and excels on hills with even lower maintenance, then consider our AC motor cart pusher tug, the XL+.

Combined with Verhagen Leiden, we have over 60 business years of smart material handling experience.

V-Move XL 1.5 kW Tug Specifications

Push or Pull5 MT / 11,023 lb
Weight Carry0.2 MT / 441 lb
Max Gradient20%
Power (min)
Power (max)
1.5 kW / 2 hp
3.0 kW / 4 hp
Force (min)
Force (max)
1,100 Newtons / 247 lbf
2,250 Newtons / 506 lbf
Speed0 - 6 km/hr / 0 - 3.7 mph
Voltage24 volts
Motor TypeDC
Battery Type2 x 12 volt 76Ah AGM maintenance free (102 Ah for shopping cart pusher)
ChargerUL/CSA approved charger included
Tug Weight225+ kg / 496+ lb
Size (lwh)165x80x103 cm / 65x31x41 in
Specifications subject to change

Ask us about all the options we have to customize the cart retriever tug for your use.

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