Waste Bin Movers

Move waste totes, bins, compactor receiving bins and compactors with the V-Move electric dumpster tug or waste bin mover.
    • Lower your carbon footprint
    • Makes the job easier
    • Increase productivity
    • Lower costs
    • Reduce injuries
    • Reduce damages

    A battery-powered waste bin mover or dumpster tug is designed to safely and effortlessly move a 2-cubic yard to 10-cubic yard container, a compactor receiving bin, a roll-off bin or a self-contained compactor from one location on a property to another location. It may or may not have an auto lifter and can go up or down ramps, on uneven surfaces, in snow, on ice and on slight gravel. It reduces injuries by moving the bin for you and you just steer where you want to go and apply throttle to propel forward or backward. When it is properly configured with counter weights and tires, it can safely stop on a hill or flat surface within a foot to a few feet depending on speed.

    Our line of commercial quality waste bin movers (XL 1.5 and XL+ are most popular):
    V-Move L electric mover | Xerowaste
    V-Move L
    Move up to 4,409 lb
    V-Move XL walk-along electric tug or mover | Xerowaste
    V- Move XL 0.8 kW
    Move up to 7,716 lb
    XeroWaste | Verhagen Leiden V-Move XL tug or waste bin mover
    V-Move XL 1.5 kW
    Move up to 11,023 lb
    Xerowaste V-Move XL+ electric tug
    V-Move XL+
    Move up to 16,535 lb
    Xerowaste V-Move XXL electric mover
    V-Move XXL
    Move up to 44,093 lb
    • With the optional tilting handle, the V-Move dumpster mover tugs have the smallest footprint to get into tight spaces and move bins.
    • Our bin tugs are the fastest moving so the fastest walker can get the job done at his/her speed, increasing productivity.
    • V-Move has a regenerative motor to recharge the batteries. And speaking of batteries, we include Deep-Cycle maintenance-free AGM batteries made in the USA as standard. Even our UL/CSA charger is made in the USA.
    • Since we are waste and recycling experts, we have arranged with some of the largest haulers in North America to use the V-Move tug to move your bin back and forth when serviced. Ask us for details how this works.
    • Due to our advanced driveshaft, various tire types, chains or studs and optional locking differentials, you can use the V-Move waste bin tugs on solid surfaces, uneven surfaces, off road and in snow and on ice.
    • Our XL+ and XXL waste tugs have AC motors, which are maintenance-free motors, consume less energy most of the time, have a long life and will save you money in the long run (lower total cost of ownership) See this real world comparison of AC vs DC motors: AC vs DC Motor.
    • With the correctly recommended V-Move model, taking bins and totes up and down slopes is effortless and safe.
    • Safety is our first priority with the V-Move waste bin tugs. Some of the standard and optional safety features: very loud vehicle horn, flashing LED light, both engine and electro-magnetic differential braking, an emergency stop switch, spring-loaded variable speed control, auto quick stop if battery or power dies, dead man switch and high quality keyed switch. We also include a safety-oriented user manual.
    • Open up additional new possibilities by installing a roll-off compactor, a self-contained compactor front-load bin or a vertical compactor where YOU want it and not where the waste hauler wants it. Move large and heavy waste compactors and compactor receiving bins to the service truck with a V-Move bin tug once the bin or self-contained compactor has been modified to have one end carried safely.

    We carry industry-standard tow tabs and tow kits that go on steel and plastic bins, various tow bars, tote carrier and even a 6-tote trailer.


    Ask for our V-Move financial payback spreadsheet so you can see how the V-Move is a great investment.

    Apply for a government rebate for a V-Move tug if you are in a participating state, province or city

    We have compiled a list of electric rebate programs that you can apply to, to get cash off or back after purchasing a qualifying V-Move tug. Ask for more details.

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