Waste Bin Movers

Move waste totes, bins, compactor receiving bins and compactors with the V-Move dumpster mover tug.
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Makes the job easier
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Reduce injuries
  • Reduce damages

Our line of commercial quality waste bin movers:

V-Move L electric mover | Xerowaste
V-Move L
Move up to 4,409 lb
V-Move XL walk-along electric tug or mover | Xerowaste
V- Move XL 0.8 kW
Move up to 7,716 lb
XeroWaste | Verhagen Leiden V-Move XL tug or waste bin mover
V-Move XL 1.5 kW
Move up to 11,023 lb
Xerowaste V-Move XL+ electric tug
V-Move XL+
Move up to 16,535 lb
Xerowaste V-Move XXL electric mover
V-Move XXL
Move up to 44,093 lb
  • With the optional tilting handle, the V-Move dumpster mover tugs have the smallest footprint to get into tight spaces and move bins.
  • Our bin tugs are the fastest moving so the fastest walker can get the job done at his/her speed, increasing productivity.
  • Open up new possibilities by installing a roll-off compactor, a self-contained compactor front-load bin or a vertical compactor where YOU want it and not where the waste hauler wants it. Move large and heavy waste compactors and compactor receiving bins to the service truck with a V-Move bin tug once the bin or self-contained compactor has been modified to have one end carried safely.
  • Since we are waste and recycling experts, we have arranged with some of the largest haulers in North America to use the V-Move tug to move your bin back and forth when serviced. Ask us for details how this works.
  • Due to our advanced driveshaft, various tire types, chains and optional locking differentials, you can use the V-Move waste bin tugs on solid surfaces, uneven surfaces, off road and in snow and on ice.
  • With the correctly recommended V-Move model, taking bins and totes up and down slopes is effortless and safe.
  • Safety is our first priority with the V-Move waste bin tugs. Some of the standard and optional safety features: very loud vehicle horn, flashing LED light, both engine and electro-magnetic differential braking, an emergency stop switch, spring-loaded variable speed control, auto quick stop if battery or power dies, dead man switch and high quality keyed switch. We also include a safety-oriented user manual.
  • V-Move has a regenerative motor to recharge the batteries. And speaking of batteries, we include Deep-Cycle maintenance-free AGM batteries made in the USA as standard. Even our UL/CSA charger is made in the USA.

We carry industry-standard tow tabs and tow kits that go on steel and plastic bins, various tow bars, tote carrier and even a 6-tote trailer.


Ask for our v-Move financial payback spreadsheet so you can see how the V-Move is a great investment.

Apply for a government rebate for a V-Move tug if you are in a participating state, province or city

We have compiled a list of electric rebate programs that you can apply to, to get cash off or back after purchasing a qualifying V-Move tug. Ask for more details.

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