Dumpster Mover or Waste Bin Tug

Customer pulling waste bin up slope with V-move XL+ dumpster mover tug

The V-move® dumpster mover or electric waste bin tug safely and effortlessly moves waste bins, totes, compactor receiving bins, and self-contained compactors year-round. V-move is the premium dumpster towing or trash container mover that has been manufactured for over 39 years. The V-Move dumpster mover or bin tugger will also lower your staff injury costs, reduce property damage, and save you money.

  • Lower your carbon footprint

  • Makes the job easier

  • Increase productivity

  • Lower your costs

  • Reduce injuries

  • Reduce damages

Our battery-powered V-move L, XL ,XL+, and XXL dumpster movers are ready for winter!

We can configure a winter-ready tug with maintenance-free AGM deep-cycle batteries good down to -40 C/-40 F, quick connecting and disconnecting bin tow hitches you can use with your gloves on, and beefy winter tires up to 18.5″ diameter.

Additional counterweight is added to our winter-ready tugs for better traction so you can pull bins up ramps and stop safely.

You can also plow snow with your V-move XL, XL+, and XXL dumpster mover with our affordable optional plow system.

Our line of 6 commercial quality dumpster mover/puller or bin tuggers:

You could also consider using our V-Move 650 sit-down tow tractor and Xerowaste Bin Butler tote trailer if you have a large property, the grade is up to 10%, and you don't have compacted dumpster bins pulled on the slope. The V-move 650 comes with optional winter tires, can pull up to 4,409 lb on a flat surface, and has an AC motor meaning no motor brushes to replace.

Benefits of the V-move walk-along dumpster mover/puller tugs:

  • Smallest footprint: With the optional tilting handle, the V-Move dumpster mover or electric bin tug has the smallest footprint to get into tight spaces and move bins.
  • Fastest moving: Our bin tug or dumpster mover models are the fastest moving at 3.7 MPH so the fastest walker can get the job done at his/her speed, increasing productivity.
  • Quick coupling: One person can quickly connect to and discount from the garbage bin and with their gloves on. No small pins to fumble with.
  • Regenerative motor: All our V-Move bin movers and bin pullers have a regenerative motor to recharge the batteries.
  • Maintenance-free batteries: We include two to six deep-cycle maintenance-free batteries and a UL/CSA-approved charger as standard. Our waste tug can last between 2 hours to 6 hours or more of continuous use, depending on some factors such as the battery choice, activity, and tug model. Most of our customers re-charge the batteries once every month to every three months.
  • Use the bin tugger offroad on gravel, in snow, and on ice: Due to our advanced driveshaft, various tire options, high-capacity counter weight-plates for added traction, chains or studs, and optional locking differentials, you can use the V-Move waste bin tug or bill puller on solid surfaces, uneven surfaces, off-road and in snow and on ice.
  • Select dumpster movers with maintenance-free AC motors: Our XL+ and XXL waste tug have AC motors, which vs. a DC motor tug: have maintenance-free motors, have smooth acceleration, stop quicker, are quiet, consume less energy most of the time, have a long life and will save you money in the long run. See this real-world comparison of AC vs DC motors: Comparison of AC vs DC Motor.
  • Use the V-Move dumpster mover on steep grades: With the proper unit and counterweight plates, use our dumpster tugger on grades up to 30%. See our FAQ on measuring the slope or degrees to see what your driveway is.
  • Safety is our first priority with the V-Move waste bin tugs and dumpster mover. Some of the standard and optional safety features: very loud vehicle horn, flashing LED light, both engine and electro-magnetic differential braking, an emergency stop switch, spring-loaded variable speed control, auto quick stop if battery or power dies, dead man switch, and high quality keyed switch. We also include a safety-oriented user manual. Our safety stop switch mounted on the handle operates unique to the industry and will protect you from injury by stopping the tug, then moving away from you so you are not pinned into a wall or other solid object.

See our FAQ for more questions answered

Now you can think outside the box when you use a V-Move dumpster mover tug or bin puller knowing you can lift one end and move a 6-yard self-contained front-loader (FL) compactor, lift one end and move a Roll-off (RO) bin or self-contained RO compactor, or have your hauler use a custom 4-yard FL compactor receiving bin instead of the standard 2 or 3-yard FL bins with a FL apartment compactor.

Read our article about Reducing Injuries in the Workplace as they relate to moving dumpster waste and recycling bins and totes: Article to reduce waste bin moving injuries

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Rated 5 out of 5

We use a tug and trailer from Xerowaste to transport our recycling totes and other items around the parkade. We have found this equipment to be quite reliable and useful and I would recommend Xerowaste as a good company to discuss all waste and recycling matters with.

Avatar for Facility Manager - Raincity Housing and Support Society
Facility Manager - Raincity Housing and Support Society
Rated 5 out of 5

From the Board of Directors—Essex County Condominium No. 54…….

Our 2 building condominium complex (60 units total) purchased a V- Move Tug early in 2019 and has been using it exclusively since then.

It is used every week to move garbage bins stored at an underground parking garage to (and from) an above ground pickup area where the bins are emptied by a local waste disposal service.

The bins are stored in an enclosed area where maneuvering in/out is typically challenging, then bins are towed through the underground parking garage and then up to the above ground pickup area via a 90 foot long ramp with a 1:9 gradient. (The above ground pickup location can often be snow covered during winter-so far, no problems)

To date, our V-Move Tug has performed flawlessly. The operator (our contracted maintenance person) is simply delighted with this device, primarily because the garbage handling method used previously was far more complicated and physically demanding.

Suffice to say, the Tug has not only simplified getting the job done, but it has also reduced the overall cost of doing this job. (Previously, a specially equipped truck was used by the pickup service to negotiate the garage ramp, and additional cost was a factor in our decision to use the Tug)

We would also like to say that “Michael” at Xerowaste Solutions has been very helpful throughout the process of supplying the Tug. His experience and advice was most valuable.

Avatar for Essex County Condominium No. 54
Essex County Condominium No. 54
Rated 5 out of 5

We have had great success with the purchase of a couple Tug units. They are a great way as another option for pull out service. Michael has been a pleasure to work with and provides outstanding customer service.

Avatar for Waste Connections of Canada
Waste Connections of Canada