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The V-move® dumpster mover or waste bin tug safely and effortlessly moves waste bins, totes, compactor receiving bins, and self-contained compactors year-round. The V-Move dumpster mover will also lower your staff injury costs, reduce property damages and save you money.

      • Lower your carbon footprint
      • Makes the job easier
      • Increase productivity
      • Lower costs
      • Reduce injuries
      • Reduce damages

      Our line of commercial quality waste bin tug, dumpster puller, bin tugger or dumpster mover tugs:

      XeroWaste | Verhagen Leiden V-Move XL tug or waste bin mover
      V-Move XL 1.5 kW
      Move up to 11,023 lb
      Xerowaste V-Move XL+ electric tug
      V-Move XL+
      Move up to 16,535 lb
      Xerowaste V-Move XXL electric mover
      V-Move XXL
      Move up to 44,093 lb
      • COVID-19 benefit: If you have a 3rd party moving the bins from your waste room to the curb or two or more people push the bin, you will reduce virus risk by doing it yourself with a V-Move dumpster tug.
      • Smallest footprint: With the optional tilting handle, the V-Move dumpster mover or bin tug has the smallest footprint to get into tight spaces and move bins.
      • Fastest moving: Our bin tug or dumpster mover models are the fastest moving at 3.7 MPH so the fastest walker can get the job done at his/her speed, increasing productivity.
      • Regenerative motor: V-Move has a regenerative motor to recharge the batteries.
      • AGM batteries: We include deep-cycle maintenance-free AGM batteries made in the USA as standard. Even our UL/CSA charger is made in the USA. Our waste tug can last between 4 hours to 6 hours or more of continuous use, depending on some factors such as the battery choice, activity, and tug model. Most of our customers re-charge the batteries once every month or two.
      • Use the dumpster mover offroad on gravel, in snow, and on ice: Due to our advanced driveshaft, various tire options, high-capacity counter weight-plates for added traction, chains or studs, and optional locking differentials, you can use the V-Move waste bin tug on solid surfaces, uneven surfaces, off-road and in snow and on ice.
      • Select dumpster movers with maintenance-free AC motors: Our XL+ and XXL waste tug have AC motors, which vs. a DC motor tug: have maintenance-free motors, have smooth acceleration, stop quicker, are quiet, consume less energy most of the time, have a long life and will save you money in the long run. See this real-world comparison of AC vs DC motors: AC vs DC Motor.
      • Safety is our first priority with the V-Move waste bin tugs and dumpster mover. Some of the standard and optional safety features: very loud vehicle horn, flashing LED light, both engine and electro-magnetic differential braking, an emergency stop switch, spring-loaded variable speed control, auto quick stop if battery or power dies, dead man switch and high quality keyed switch. We also include a safety-oriented user manual.

      See our FAQ for more questions answered

      We carry industry-standard bin-mounted tow tabs that WM, WC, Republic, and others use that go on steel bins or between two bins, industry-standard tow kits for plastic bins, a light-weight and high-strength quick connecting tow bar, tote carriers, and even a three or six-tote trailer.

      Xerowaste | V-Move XL+ with ball-mount tow bar at 90 degreesXerowaste | V-Move XL+ with ball-mount tow barXerowaste | V-Move tugs - WC dumpster tow tabXerowaste | V-Move tugs - WM dumpster tow tab

      Now you can think outside the box when you use a V-Move dumpster mover tug knowing you can lift one end and move a 6-yard self-contained front-loader (FL) compactor, lift one end and move a Roll-off (RO) bin or self-contained RO compactor, or have your hauler use a custom 4-yard FL compactor receiving bin instead of the standard 2 or 3-yard FL bins with a FL apartment compactor.


      Read our article about Reducing Injuries in the Workplace as they relate to moving waste and recycling bins and totes: HERE




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