V-Move XL+ Shopping Cart Pusher or Retriever (50 large carts)
All-weather and ramps

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Xerowaste.ca | XL+ shopping cart retriever or cart return. Powerful 1700 watt AC motor without any brushes to replace. Premium quality with short payback period.

The V-move Shopping Cart Pusher or Shopping Cart Retriever has developed over the past 13 years in response to a need for a premium quality cart pusher that was powerful enough to push a full load of large carts on hills and all day long with no issues, has an AC brushless motor to eliminate regular motor repairs and catastrophic motor failures, and has a very durable heavy-duty transaxle to reduce or eliminate costly trans-axle replacements.

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The Verhagen Leiden V-move® XL+ shopping cart pusher or cart retriever is used by major grocery chains and retailers around the world. Verhagen Leiden, the manufacturer of the V-move tugs, has been manufacturing premium quality load movers for over 39 years.

We also offer the V-move L and V-move XL 1.5 cart pushers for use at airports, nurseries, department stores, or grocery stores for small and mid-sized carts. The L and XL 1.5 are more affordable and smaller tugs than our larger, more powerful, and heavier V-move XL+ cart pusher.

save money iconSave LOTS of money with the V-move XL+ shopping cart retriever.

  • Save labor: If you are manually collecting and returning carts to the entrance, then you will save a bundle. Our cart retriever can easily move 50+ carts at a time (maybe more or less depending on cart size/cart weight/nesting) and can move more carts than the competition faster up a hill.
  • Save on worker injuries and your worker's compensation insurance: Most states and provinces protect workers by stipulating the maximum weight a worker can push by hand. For example, a male employee should not exert a pushing force of more than 57 lb initially or 37 lb for females (source BC WorkSafe). That works out to about 5 average carts, at most, and much less on a hill that a person can push by hand without our battery-powered cart pusher.
  • Save on repair costs versus the competition: We use an AC motor that doesn't have brushes and has more torque at a lower rpm, keeping you propelled on hills. We have a heavy-duty trans-axle so when your employee drives the cart off a curb by accident, you can rely on the V-move XL+ to take the punishment.
  • More Reliability due to higher quality parts: We use high-quality motors, trans-axles, batteries, chargers, and other components that are mostly made in Europe or USA to increase your up-time and extend your asset life. For example, our ignition keyed switch in the shopping cart pusher is the same high-quality weather-resistant switch that you will also find on top Italian motorbikes.
  • Longer run times and save on batteries: Our maintenance-free batteries are easier on the environment and your pocketbook. We have high-capacity batteries, new lead-carbon batteries, and Lithium-ion.
  • Lower capital costs: With the use of the reliable V-Move XL+ shopping cart pusher, you probably won't have a need for spare cart tuggers sitting around anymore.


The V-Move XL+ walk-along battery-powered shopping cart pusher or cart retriever has wireless remote control, a custom cartwheel hitch receiver, and a long cord with a quick ratchet to hold the carts together. You can even add a tow hitch to pull waste bins, a snowplow, and add weight plates so it has added traction in snow, on ice, and on slopes. Optional tire chains allow you to use it on ice.

This V-Move shopping cart pusher or cart retriever tug uses the latest Curtis CAN-bus computer controller with built-in shielding of EMI/RFI, top-quality maintenance-free batteries, and Bluetooth-capable water and dust-proof UL/CSA-approved charger. With the included tilting handle, the V-Move shopping cart pusher has one of the smallest footprints of any walk-along tug allowing you to get into tight spots. The AC motor doesn't generate any sparks as most DC motors do, so it is less likely to ignite flammable gasses than the DC motor tugs.

The V-move XL+ Shopping Cart Retriever is the benchmark that others try to achieve...

Here's why:

Class-Leading Performance

  • 1,700 Watt, 4.09 hp peak 24-volt AC motor. See why an AC motor is better: AC versus DC
  • Heavy-Duty Trans-axle rated for up to 5,310 in*lbf with 2.25″ diameter high-grade rigid steel axle.
  • The top speed is 3.7 mph, which is the fastest shopping cart pusher.
  • 100 Ah deep cycle AGM batteries for up to all-day use.  Option for larger batteries and Lithium-ion.
  • Tug can weigh up to 775 kg or 1,708 lb for quick stops, pushing lots of shopping carts on hills, and for overall traction.
  • The battery is partially charged by the tug when de-accelerating and going downhill.
  • Water and weather resistant tug casing of solid powder-coated steel to protect internals and most key electrical components. Key components like the computer controllers, charger, and remote are IP65 through IP67 rated.
  • Multi-function display on shopping cart pusher for battery state of charge, operating hours, and maintenance status.
  • Optional remote charger and battery state monitoring from the cloud or your smartphone.
  • Optional remote cloud monitoring of the tugs for large buyers so you can keep track of your assets and their statistics.
  • Optional tow hitches to move waste bins or other heavy wheeled items.
Backed by a Warranty

  • One-year limited manufacturer warranty – Backed by Verhagen Leiden!
  • Some components have longer warranties directly from the component manufacturer up to 5-years.
  • Verhagen Leiden has a very low warranty claims history due to the high-quality parts used, advanced engineering, and addressing issues so you have a reliable product.
  • Xerowaste stocks most parts in Vancouver, BC that are available to ship the same day.
  • Some US component manufacturers and their distributors in the US and Canada can ship parts within a few days.
Top-Ranking Safety Features

  • Dead-man switch and emergency stop button on the tug.
  • Emergency stop button on the remote control.
  • Loud vehicle horn.
  • Optional warning beeping sound.
  • 360-degree LED flashing lights.
  • Fenders optional and foot protector standard.
  • Quick stops from the high-performance spring-pressure electromagnetic brake.
  • Variable speed control on tug and on remote.
  • Auto-stop if you let off the forward/reverse button on the remote.
  • Auto quick stop if the battery dies or fuse blows.
  • High-quality keyed switch.
  • Optional electronic code ignition switch
  • Programmed to prevent use while the charger is plugged in the wall.
  • Automatic parking brake.
  • Wireless remote uses 64-bit encrypted code to ensure a secure connection and eliminate the potential for someone else to use your tug with another remote.
  • AC motor does not spark like a DC motor, so it is naturally safer around explosive gases vs a DC motor.

Combined with Verhagen Leiden, we have over 45 business years of smart material handling experience.

V-move XL+ shopping cart pusher or cart retriever is highly efficient and effective with an AC motor and optional Lithium-ion batteries that can be used year-round. Fast and powerful on hills and very durable. Shown pushing a long line of shopping carts.

See our FAQ's for a lot more information.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5

Michael was great to work with and went out of his way to accommodate what we needed.

The tug has performed excellent and has made moving the trash/recycling bins a breeze and we are saving a bit on labor.

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