Can you use the tug or load mover off-road?

On some of our smaller and mid-sized tugs, we provide optional off-road aggressive traction tire tread so you can use them to move trailers in mud, sand, on gravel, and on grassy surfaces. By adding weight to the tug, the tug gains more traction on less than ideal surfaces. We also offer the shock-absorbing Michelin Tweel low maintenance and long-life wheel and tire assemblies on some of our models. Most V-move models also work well on slopes in snow with the correct tires. Chains, studs, or “Snowsocks” can be used with some tires and tug wheels for added traction in snow and on ice. We always recommend you safely test first when on slippery slopes and clear the path first. Check out our list of some of the stock and optional tires: V-Move Tires and Wheels | V-Move XL tug or tugger moving trailer with a vehicle on it on a grass surface | V-move L tug or tugger offroad tires in the sand