How does temperature affect batteries?

Very hot temperatures will affect both the life of most battery types used in your V-move tug and cause the voltage level to drop off much quicker. We offer and recommend optional batteries with wider operating temperature ranges and higher capacity when you are in very hot or cold climates.  With optional batteries we offer, our tugs can operate in the temperature range of -40C to +50C or -40F to +122F.

If you are in a very hot climate, you should have the highest heat range tolerant battery we offer, don’t park your tug outside in the sun, and charge in the evening or overnight when it is cooler. You may also want to request a lower amperage charger from us in high heat so the batteries don’t warm up as much when charging.

If you are in a very cold climate, you should have the lowest heat range tolerant battery we offer, park your tug indoors and charge in the warmest area. Also, opt for a larger battery capacity as studies have shown that you can lose up to 60% of your capacity due to extremely cold temperatures. If you opt for Lithium-ion batteries, we offer cold-weather charging and operating-tolerant LI batteries with heaters. However, Lithium-ion is not as tolerant to cold climates like other battery chemistries and for cold climates where you will see -5c or 23f or less we recommend AGM or flooded batteries.