Can a load mover move compactors and shipping containers?

Properly configured heavy containers can be safely moved with the correct V-Move tug.

Self-contained compactors, such as a 6-cubic yard front-load bin, that have been professionally modified by the manufacturer, can be safely lifted on one end and moved up a slope and out to the curb for servicing by a front-load garbage truck with a V-Move walk-along tug. Compactor receiving bins as large as 6 cubic yards can also be moved out by a V-Move tug to be serviced by a front-load truck. With large weighted compactor receiving bins, such as 4 and 6-cubic yard bins, it is best to have only one end of the bin having casters so when the bin is placed down it can not move on its own. Smaller front-loader compacted receiving bins like 2 and 3-cubic yard bins can easily be moved by most of our V-Move tugs. They should have chains welded to the bin that wrap around the caster wheels on the ground to help prevent movement when left unattended or caster wheel brakes.

Our tugs can also move roll-off containers and roll-off self-contained compactors along relatively flat surfaces when the bins are configured properly. Due to the traditional length of the roll-off bin and how close it is to the ground, you can’t take it down slopes otherwise it may ground out. However, a shorten roll-off container could be moved up and down slopes. The V-Move has been used to move full-size roll-off containers for 10 years now. The largest waste and recycling company in the world uses the V-Move 4XL to move roll-off bins for their customers and at their hauling facilities. See the video here: . The V-Move tug allows you to place the roll-off bin where you need it, rather than where the hauler needs it and even underground if you had a large enough and strong enough vehicle elevator.

Moving ocean shipping containers is also easy with our larger tugs when the bin is configured correctly to be moved by the V-Move tugs. | V-Move Roll-Off bin mover - dumpster mover tug Xerowaste Solutions | example of a 6-yard self-contained compactor on casters that the V-move load mover dumpster tugs can lift and move up and down a sloped driveway