Is the tug, load mover, or tow tractor safe to use?

Yes, the V-Move walk-along tugs and tow tractors are very safe when used and maintained correctly. Your insurance company or Workers Compensation state or provincial organization may even give you a discount due to the lower risk vs other alternatives. We spec the load movers for your specific task, so you have the correct amount of counterweight to gain traction to safely move and stop a load. It is important to adhere to the recommendations for weights moved and slope limitations and test before regular use.

Depending on the model and options chosen, some of the safety features are regenerative braking, additional hydraulic-assisted braking, dual-drive motors, lockable driveline when parked, locking differential for added traction, confirm movement check on more powerful tugs, positive throttle so when you let off the throttle it will stop, an emergency stop button, auto pinch stop button, auto-stop with power loss, an auto slowdown in corners, flashing LED light, loud vehicle horn, radio-frequency protected electronics, safety-oriented operator manual, optional on-site training by a Xerowaste operating engineer, warnings when remaining battery capacity is low, wheel guards, explosion proofing and keyed ignition. You also can’t operate the tug or tow tractor when it is charging to protect the tug and the user. Our tow tractors have additional standard or optional safety features such as a dead-man switch, limited speed operation, and crash guards.

However, inappropriate use, damage to the tug, and catastrophic part failures can circumnavigate safety features. Just like a car or truck, a failure of the brakes, blown tire, transmission failure, or safety mechanism failure can result in an added element of risk. It is important to know your surroundings, operate at a safe speed, and act prudently when operating any tug or tow tractor vehicle. | V-Move 1200 stand-up industrial electric tow tractor handle | Stock chaser | vehicle tug V-Move XL electric load mover or tugger with wheel guards |