How to measure the angle or slope on your driveway with your phone or tablet?

• iPhone has a built-in app called “Measure”. Switch to the “Level” selection and it will show degrees.
• Android phones need to have an app downloaded such as “Clinometer + bubble level”. “Unit Mode” of “Degrees” and “Percent” are the most popular settings – set in the “Setting” section. Use the arrow button near the measurement reading to change the side where zero degrees is shown when level.

For both applications: Make sure it is zero when placed level. Then place the phone on its thin side on the driveway and hold it perpendicular to the driveway. Take the measurement in a few different areas to get the steepest measurement. Report this value to Xerowaste so we can ensure your V-Move tug is configured correctly for the slope.

Reading angle in degrees or slope in percent with your phone or tablet |

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