What kind of tow hitch and tow bar do I need?

The link between the tug and the cart or dumpster bin being towed is one of the most important components to consider when towing a dumpster bin or cart with a V-Move electric tug. We often see examples of unsafe connections between the load-moving tug and the item being moved that is on wheels. We also see the link between the tug and the load not being matched to either the weight being moved or the capabilities of the tug.

Here is an example and the reason why this tow setup is unsafe:

The tow tab or link on the dumpster bin is shown above. This example does not use a solid connection from the waste bin to the tug and therefore the bin can coil back and forth and cause damage to the tug and exert a lot of force either pulling back or pushing against the tug. The metal loop is also not strong enough and is the weak link that will break.

The Good tow line and hitch Setup:

Ideally, when you consider a connection between the tug and the cart, you should start by having swivel casters on the cart or dumpster bin at the end closest to the tug where the tow connection is. The tow bar should be close to flat and at the height of the wheel axles or close to it. The tow bar linked to the cart or dumpster bin being towed should be allowed to pivot up or down from a fixed position attached to the bin so when you go up or down and over speed bumps or changes in floor heights, the tug or the item being towed isn’t forced into the air and off the ground. The tow bar attached to the cart or dumpster should not be allowed to pivot left or right as you want the tug to either push or pull the cart or dumpster left or right (unless of course if you have wheels controlled by a steerable tow arm attached to the cart). The materials used for the tow link should be stronger than required to ensure you are operating safely and never have a failure in one of the components.

V-Move battery-powered load mover or tugger example of an excellent tow line having a tow bar flat with the item being towed and pulling at the axle height | Xerowaste.ca V-Move battery-powered load mover or tugger example of a good tow line having a tow bar flat with the item being towed | Xerowaste.ca Xerowaste V-Move tow tractors | cart used to move nursery plants Xerowaste.ca | V-Move tugs - WC dumpster mover bin tug tow tab

When you purchase a dumpster towing connection setup with your dumpster mover from Xerowaste, we custom manufacture your dumpster bin tow tabs and tow bar components with a rating well in excess of the load being towed. We use high-quality components made in Europe, the USA or Canada. For example, we use Grade 9 highly corrosion-resistant bolts and bolt hardware made in the USA for use where tow tabs are bolted to the bins. We know how corrosive the environment is in the waste bins. We do strongly recommend tow tabs be welded to the bins for the highest strength and corrosion resistance.

We manufacturer waste bin towing tabs and tow bars in Canada and also lean on our 55-year plus material handling equipment manufacturer of the tugs, Verhagen Leiden, to manufacture specialized tow connection setups that you require.