Every vehicle needs regular preventative maintenance, and our V-move tugs and tow tractors are no exception. The V-move tugs and tow tractors are designed to keep maintenance to a minimum. Our walk-along tugs have very few moving parts and are lighter than a comparable powered sit-down version of a tug. This results in much less wear and tear and less maintenance required, saving you money. There are no chain drives in V-move tugs as they use direct drive motors with highly efficient electromagnetic braking to reduce maintenance, increase reliability, and increase safety. The drive motors in the V-move can recharge the batteries when slowing down to help minimize your environmental impact. Our V-move XL+ and larger tugs, as well as our tow tractors, use maintenance-free AC motors. See this article to learn more about AC and DC motors: HERE. The batteries and the tires are the only rear wear parts in most of our walk-along tugs.

Seated or the stand-up ride-on version of our tugs, on the other hand, do have more wear parts such as mechanical brakes and may have an additional tire. They are heavier, travel faster, and travel over longer distances, resulting in more wear and tear on components like brakes, tires, and batteries.”

It is important to follow the recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual and perform regular safety inspections to maximize the life of your investment and minimize any potential for safety issues. Throughout Canada, we offer annual or bi-annual safety inspections and preventative maintenance by a trained technician. In some provinces or states, it may be mandatory to have safety inspections done at least annually – especially for ride-on tugs.