Can a tug be certified as explosion-proof?

Yes, all V-Move tugs from the XL+ and larger (including the 650 and 1200 tow tugs) can be certified to operate where there is an explosive environment, such as in a paint room. Our AC motor tugs do not generate a spark in the motor like a DC motor does. Some DC motors casings will have an option to be themselves certified explosion-proof. However, our DC motor tugs smaller than the V-move XL don’t have that certification from the factory.

The process for certain certifications is straight forward with v-Move AC motor tugs and requires a few pages of details filled out by one of the Verhagen Leiden engineers for the certifying third-party firm. The third-party firm, such as Intertek, UL, or CSA, then comes onsite in Vancouver BC to inspect the tug and ‘field certify’ the tug for an individual V-move customer. Certain items to make it easily certify would be installed at the factory, such as an air horn instead of an electrical one, different switches, and different fuses to prevent sparks, to name a few. The costs involve the certification process (time and fee), any modifications, and the travel costs by the certifying firm. All the costs are borne by the customer buying the tug as certified. The cost to certify a V-Move AC motor tug is far cheaper and quite reasonable than that required to certify our DC motor tug. Each certification will be a case-by-case project, depending on the tug and the level of certification required.

Here is a site that details the Hazardous Locations: Classes, Divisions and Groups

V-move XXL industrial tug or load mover explosion proof certified industrial tugger