The cost of our premium quality bin tug or dumpster mover varies depending on the model of the V-Move tug and the options with our cheapest base model tug listed on our V-Move L page HERE.

What we recommend for a company or multi-unit residential building is determining and evaluating the payback you can obtain from the purchase of a V-Move bin tug or dumpster mover to justify the purchase.

Payback for a V-Move tug is calculated as the potential savings annually divided into the capital cost of a bin tug or dumpster mover to give a value in years. Anything less than 4 years is an acceptable payback. One part of savings is calculated as the value of preventable injuries, reduced lost workdays and reduced injury costs by moving bins with a device such as a dumpster mover, load mover or bin tug.

In some cases, moving heavy loads by hand has resulted in death, but most often in injuries. See our article on moving waste bins: Xerowaste article about moving dumpster bins safely.

If you subcontract the movement of your waste bins, then by bringing that in-house with a V-Move tug, in certain cases, it allows you to save a substantial amount annually. We have Xerowaste customers that have saved up to net Canadian $15,000 annually from subcontracted costs alone, just by bringing it in-house with a Xerowaste V-Move tug.

There are many other factors to consider when calculating the payback cost of purchasing a V-Move tug to move heavy loads versus pushing and pulling by hand. Contact us and we can provide you a spreadsheet specific to your situation to calculate the rough and simple payback for a V-Move dumpster load mover.

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