We only sell the V-Move tugs to customers located in the North American countries of Canada, USA (including Hawaii), Mexico, Greenland, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Contact Verhagen Leiden should you be in another country not listed above and want to inquire about the V-Move products.

We insure your V-move tug or Xerowaste tote trailer when shipped – FOB destination – with a CAD $500 deductible.

For shipments of smaller tugs, we generally ship ground shipping LTL. If you are on an island within North America, then we will ship a combination of ground/sea. If you are within about 5 hours drive of Vancouver, BC, then we deliver and train onsite for a small fee. If shipping to a destination outside of Canada, we include brokerage fees in our quotes, and currently all tugs and trailers are duty-free.

For shipments of larger tugs, we ship directly to you from the manufacturer in the Netherlands and include brokerage fees in our quote. Some optional accessories will be shipped directly to you, additionally, from Vancouver BC.

Shipment of our custom tote trailers is from Vancouver BC to your destination by ground/sea LTL.

Onsite training is an additional fee and subject to availability and Covid restrictions. We currently follow all health guidelines around Covid.

Shipping time estimates are given with quotes.