Finance your V-move or Bin Butler

Quick and easy pre-approval!

Get pre-approved for the V-move load mover and/or Bin Butler trailer with affordable monthly payments in a term up to 72 months.

Financing Options

Configure your financing in a lease or loan with lease buyout options to classify it as either an operating or capital lease with term length to fit your monthly budget.
We partner with CWB National Leasing in Canada, Western Equipment Finance in the USA and Ritchie Bros. Financing in Mexico.


Finance your V-move and/or Bin Butler, if you want to own the equipment when received, and pay for it over time. Some states/provinces and federal governments will offer incentives such as the US Section 179, Canadian accelerated CCA, and BC PST tax credit. | V-Move 1200 tow tractor ready for delivery | Stock chaser | Industrial electric tow tug

Capital Lease

Record your purchase of a V-move and/or Bin Butler on your books as a capital purchase and possibly take advantage of some government tax incentives, if available.  Also, have the flexibility of a pre-determined lump-sum payment at the end of your lease, which is called a bargain purchase option.

Operating Lease

You don’t own the equipment during the lease and have the option to purchase the asset at the end of the lease for fair-market value (FMV). This keeps you compliant with not having to record the purchase as capital and the lease payments are deductible as operating costs. Keep in mind that most leasing companies setup the residual to be 10%, which is not enough as FMV to satisfy it as an operating lease.