This article is about the step by step process of measuring the driveway slope.

An important piece of information needed for Xerowaste to recommend the correct V-move load mover is to know if there is any angle greater than 2% grade and the largest sampled value of the angle in degrees or angle expressed as a grade.  This will help us recommend the correct V-move load mover and options.

How to measure the angle or grade on your driveway with your phone or tablet
• iPhone has a built-in app called “Measure”. Switch to the “Level” selection and it will show degrees.
• Android phones need to have an app downloaded such as “Clinometer + bubble level”. “Unit Mode” of “Degrees” and grade “Percent” are the most popular two settings – set in the “Setting” section. Use the arrow button near the measurement reading to change the side where zero degrees is shown when level.

Steps to measure the angle of a driveway with both phone and tablet applications:

Step 1: Test Readings of App

Test to make sure the app reads zero when placed level on a known flat surface. Zero it out or calibrate if you feel it is incorrect.

Xerowaste V-move load mover | zero-out cell phone measure app reading for dumpster mover grade or degree reading

Step 2: Position the phone or tablet on the driveway

Place the phone on its thin side firmly on the driveway, perpendicular to the driveway. Placing it this way allows you to see if the phone edge is touching the entire surface.

Tablet Degree Reading Xerowaste

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 a few times

Take the measurement in a few different areas on the driveway to get the steepest measurement.


Step 4:

Report your findings to Xerowaste Solutions for your V-move load mover recommendation

Report the readings in degrees or grade to Xerowaste so we can recommend the correct V-move model and to ensure it is configured correctly for the slope.

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