Zero Waste Garbage Room Drafting Services

What We Do

Garbage Room Drafting Services for Building Permit Applications.

We can work closely with your Architects to design the optimal setup for your waste and recycling room in new builds. We use 2D and 3D CAD drafting software to design the smallest room with the most functionality and with the least operating cost going forward.

The Drafting Process

We excel at drafting the most complex zero waste room projects. No job is too small. We provide a full report with CAD drawings and recommendations with every project.

To date, we have drafted zero waste rooms for builders of social housing projects, condos and apartment buildings.



Zero Waste room setup Services

Once we have designed the room and you have built the building, we can set it up with posters, stickers, bins and/or compactor and recycling containers, get you quotes on all the services and provide you with a new resident care package of a Xerowaste reusable recycling bag, kitchen compost tote with instructions and a starter compostable bag, as well as a custom building recycling guide.

We think outside the box so you can save money!

You can incorporate a V-Move battery-powered dumpster mover into your new waste management operation to safely move the following:

  • Totes
  • Waste Bins
  • Cardboard Bins
  • Compacted Bins
  • Self-contained Compactors
  • Roll-off Bins

The V-Move walk-along dumpster movers can lift and carry up to 15,000 lb and move up to 88,000  lb, depending on the model.  They are very low maintenance and can lower the overall operating cost of the waste operation on site.

We also work closely with compactor manufacturers to design more efficient and cost effective waste compactors that can be used with the V-Move dumpster mover tugs.