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We have the experience and the expertise to set you up to have the best chance for a 90%+ diversion rate to obtain your Canadian TRUE Zero Waste certification.

TRUE stands for Total Resource Use and Efficiency.

TRUE is a zero waste certification program for businesses and organizations to assess performance in reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency. Learn more at

Facilities achieve certification by meeting seven minimum program requirements and attaining at least 31 points on the TRUE Zero Waste scorecard.

Requirements for Certification:
  1. Zero Waste policy in place
  2. 90% overall diversion from landfill and incineration for non-hazardous wastes
    -Discarded materials are reduced, reused, recycled, composted or recovered for productive use in nature or the economy at biological temperatures and pressures
    -Materials can be processed above ambient biological temperatures (>200° F) to recover energy from the 10% residual, but they do not count as part of the 90% diversion
    -Reused materials (office furniture, pallets, paper, etc) are eligible to count as part of the 90% diversion requirement
  3. Meet all federal, state/provincial, and local solid waste and recycling regulations
  4. Data provided to GBCI has been published formally
  5. Data documents a base year and measurements since the base year
  6. Commit to submit 12 months of data to GBCI annually
  7. Submit a case study of Zero Waste initiatives that can be published on the GBCI website
  8. Contamination is not to exceed 10% of each material once it leaves the company site
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XeroWaste Solutions is the first consulting firm in Western Canada with a Zero Waste TRUE Advisor that is GBCI credentialed to help you obtain the internationally recognized zero waste certification for your building or business. This includes multi-unit residential buildings as well.

We can also help you earn credit towards your Canadian LEED building certification from the zero waste certification we obtain for you.

With some of our past clients, we achieved a diversion rate of over 90% by weight and they didn’t even choose to certify!

We work with a lot of different Architectural firms, drafting up zero waste rooms and recycling systems and also on the most complex of projects with social housing.  We recently took a project with hotel, restaurants, grocery, retail, large box retail and social housing – all combined – toward zero waste and saved them lots of money.  If you want to get closer toward zero waste without zero waste certification, see our other services. | waste cost reduction and zero waste consulting | recycling logo for waste consulting and zero waste consulting services

With TRUE Zero Waste certification, we design a custom zero waste plan for your building or business facility to get certified.

Our list of over 80 comprehensive steps to get you to zero waste is all part of the process. It also addresses the triple bottom line.

Ask us how our battery-operated V-Move tug can potentially earn you a LEED innovation credit for your building!  If you are in BC, Canada then some of our tugs that lower your carbon footprint are eligible for a $2,000 rebate back from the BC government. See the BC rebate website for more info:

You can lower your carbon footprint and save capital and operating costs with our V-Move tug solutions as part of your zero waste and LEED project. V-Move tugs | Dumpster Mover | Waste bin tug | Industrial electric pedestrian tug

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