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Waste and Recycling Operational Cost Savings Consulting

Contact us for a free waste and recycling cost savings quote

What we do:

  • Take and tour of your facility and evaluate your current setup to provide a free quote of the savings
  • Evaluate your waste and recycling capital and operating equipment
  • Review your waste and recycling invoices and contracts and evaluate your metrics and statistics to standards
  • Present a detailed report of our recommendations backed with statistics
  • Possibly recommend alternative or new equipment to be used and provide payback calculations
  • Right-size services and put on the correct schedule
  • Solve any of your waste and recycling issues
  • Rollout any changes and follow-up to ensure things go smoothly
  • Provide staff with documentation of changes and any training needed

We offer you a NO-COST evaluation to initially assess what we can save you on your waste bill. 50+ unit size at this time.

If you are in another city in Canada, we can do a limited engagement which has your onsite staff doing the tracking and setup under our guidance.

When we work on existing buildings, we work within your current haulers’ agreement so you don’t need to wait for the agreement to end to save money.

We don’t provide any hauling services. Instead, we have pre-negotiated the best deals with haulers – some that pay you for commodities or provide services for free! We also work closely with all the product stewardship organizations and a few non-profit organizations to deliver some of your services and products and reuse items. As a result, this saves you even more money and adds to your cash flow. Our goal is to minimize your carbon footprint with all our recommendations.

It takes us up to a month or more for the whole process to lower your operational waste and recycling costs.

Our team, combined, has decades of experience in the waste and recycling industry. We are members of many associations to stay current with the industry and bring you best practices. We regularly attend waste and recycling specific industry trade shows world-wide to bring you new innovative ideas. Furthermore, we also write waste and recycling articles for magazines.

If you have a compactor, we will review your setup to ensure you are getting maximum value out of it with the smallest carbon footprint.

We have efficient upgrades to your 2 or 3-yard apartment compactor with a 4-yard receiving bin and can replace low-profile roll-off compactors with efficient and cost-reducing 4 and 6-yard front-load bin compactors. All these need the powerful V-Move tug to move them up slopes in all-weather conditions and out to be serviced by your hauler.

Save Money

Combined savings + new revenue streams for a decrease in costs up to…


Savings in dollars per site, per year, has been up to (example shown of 400+ units)…

Benefits of our service:

Save Money and Increase Cash Flow

Reduce Greenhouse emissions

Save Resources

Create Jobs Locally

Save Energy

Adds Value to the Condo or Apartment

Recent ‘Operational Cost Savings’ Work

Rosedale gardens

Rosedale Garden
888 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
168 units
Reduced costs by $7,700


Raincity Social Housing
Budzey Building
220 Princess Avenue, Vancouver
147 units
Reduced costs by $11,000

carrara site where we saved them $38,000 per year in waste and recycling costs. | Xerowaste Solutions waste and recycling cost savings consulting for BC and Alberta Canada

Carrara & Modena
6th and Granville, Vancouver
426 units
Reduced costs by $38,000

harley house

Harley House
1230 Nelson Street, Vancouver
108 units
Reduced costs by $1,400

Cost Saving Testimonials

I was immediately impressed with Michael’s knowledge of the field, communication skills, and passion for this industry.
Michael made recycling easier and more enjoyable to do for the entire building.
I would recommend Michael and XeroWaste Solutions to any building and strata organization without hesitation.

B.R., Strata Council member for Rosedale Garden

He analyzed in detail our waste requirements for a month. After that, he gathered three quotes for us. Based upon a change in waste pickups and price reduction, he was able to obtain us shocking savings. He had all the paperwork ready to go and made it easy for us to move this to implementation.

R.S., Strata President for Carrara & Modena