Xerowaste Solutions is the multi-unit residential zero waste expert in Western Canada. We reduce waste costs and increase recycling.

 Xerowaste Solutions is the Multi-unit, Multi-Family Residential Recycling Expert to Get you Toward Zero Waste!

What we do:

  • Design and draft up zero waste “waste” rooms for existing and new buildings
  • Recommend equipment to be used and provide payback calculations
  • Setup the waste and recycling rooms (efficient bins, posters, stickers, signs)
  • Equip residents and businesses with personal recycling equipment and custom guides
  • Train residents, businesses and staff
  • Solve any of your waste and recycling issues
  • Right-size services and put on the correct schedule
  • Minimize waste, increase recycling and reduce contamination

The Challenge:

Increase recycling in multi-unit residential housing, decrease contamination, ‘right size’ services, decrease costs and increase the buildings cash flow. Sustainable waste management in a nutshell. We all want to be able to recycle more to get closer toward zero waste and save money at the same time! Recycling more should not cost more money!

What municipalities provide for recycling will only produce a diversion rate of up to 45% and almost half that if you have a garbage chute.

The Solution:

XeroWaste can increase your diversion rate and increase your cash flow. Yes, both at the same time!
Our ‘Get toward zero waste’ service adds more recycling to increase your diversion rate, decreases contamination, improves your waste & recycling room, educates your residents and provides limited recycling bags and food scrap kits for residents. Afterwards, we right size your waste and recycling services to save you considerable dollars and, in most cases, increase your cash flow. If you want to be certified zero waste, we have that service too!

We offer you a NO-COST evaluation to initially assess what we can save you on your waste bill, combined with increasing your recycling, to get you closer toward zero waste. 50+ unit size in Metro Vancouver at this time.

If you are in another city in Canada, we can do a limited engagement which has your onsite staff doing the setup work and tracking under our guidance and we sell you all the equipment including in-suite 2-compartment recycling bags, custom resident recycling guides, food scrap totes, and unique collection equipment and posters for your recycling room. The payback can be as low as two years.

We also help out municipalities throughout Canada with their waste and recycling challenges. We can setup a custom program to help you get your multi-unit residential housing closer toward zero waste and reduce contamination.

Another specialty of ours is drafting new waste and recycling rooms with your architect, making recommendations, and setting up new recycling rooms when the building is built. We predominately work on the most challenging projects, such as social housing, but can do this for condos and apartment building projects or challenging and complex projects anywhere in Canada. We have worked with a lot of non-profit social housing organizations and architectural firms and recently took a large combined plaza with restaurants, shopping, grocery, hotel and social housing toward zero waste and saved them lots of money.

When we work on existing buildings to get your closer to toward zero waste, we work within your current haulers agreement so you don’t need to wait for the agreement to end to save money and increase recycling.

We don’t provide any hauling services. Instead, we have pre-negotiated the best deals with haulers – some that pay you for commodities or provide services for free! We also work closely with all the product stewardship organizations and a few non-profit organizations to deliver some of your services and products and take your donations of food and reuse items. As a result, this saves you even more money and adds to your cash flow. Our goal is to minimize your carbon footprint with all our recommendations.

It takes us up to a month to increase your waste diversion rate and lower your waste costs.
At most of our past clients, the waste diversion rate continues to climb over the following months as a result!

Our team, combined, has decades of experience in the waste and recycling industry. We are members of many associations to stay current with the industry and bring you best practices. We regularly attend waste and recycling specific industry trade shows world-wide to bring you new innovative ideas. Furthermore, we also write waste and recycling articles for magazines.

If you have a compactor, we can review your setup to ensure you are getting maximum value out of it with the smallest carbon footprint. This review is included as part of our ‘Get toward zero waste and save money’ package.

We have efficient upgrades to your 2 or 3-yard apartment compactor with a 4-yard receiving bin and can replace low-profile roll-off compactors with efficient and cost-reducing 4 and 6-yard front-load bin compactors. All these need the powerful V-Move tug to move them up slopes in all-weather conditions and out to be serviced by your hauler.

Get Toward Zero Waste and Save Money

Combined savings + new revenue streams for a decrease in costs up to…


Waste diversion by volume increases from 20% in most buildings up to…


Benefits of a Zero Waste Building:

Save Money and Increase Cash Flow

Reduce Greenhouse emissions

Save Resources

Create Jobs Locally

Save Energy

Adds Value to the Condo or Apartment

Recent ‘Get Toward Zero Waste’ Work

Xerowaste.ca | waste cost reduction and zero waste consulting - Photo Rosedale gardens

Rosedale Garden
888 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
168 units
Reduced costs by $7,700 and increased waste diversion from 42% to over 75%.

Xerowaste.ca | waste cost reduction and zero waste consulting - image credit to Raincity Housing for Budzey building

Raincity Social Housing
Budzey Building
220 Princess Avenue, Vancouver
147 units
Reduced costs by $11,000 and increased waste diversion from 24% to over 35%.

carrara site where we saved them $38,000 per year in waste and recycling costs. | Xerowaste Solutions waste and recycling cost savings consulting for BC and Alberta Canada

Carrara & Modena
6th and Granville, Vancouver
426 units
Reduced costs by $38,000 and increased waste diversion from 45% to over 65%.

Xerowaste.ca | waste cost reduction and zero waste consulting - image credit to Harley House

Harley House
1230 Nelson Street, Vancouver
108 units
Reduced costs by $1,400 and increased waste diversion from 30% to over 55%.

Zero Waste Testimonials

I was immediately impressed with Michael’s knowledge of the field, communication skills, and passion for this industry.
Michael made recycling easier and more enjoyable to do for the entire building.
I would recommend Michael and XeroWaste Solutions to any building and strata organization without hesitation.

B.R., Strata Council member for Rosedale Garden

He analyzed in detail our waste requirements for a month. After that, he gathered three quotes for us. Based upon a change in waste pickups and price reduction, he was able to obtain us shocking savings. He had all the paperwork ready to go and made it easy for us to move this to implementation.

R.S., Strata President for Carrara & Modena

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