Xerowaste Tote Trailer

Six 96-gallon tote capacity

The Xerowaste steel 6 tote trailer, waste bin trailer, or trash can cart holds 32-gallon, 64-gallon, and 96 gallon totes and is ideal to move the totes to the curb, up or down driveways, or across your property. It is made in Canada and is pulled by our V-move® tow tractors or walk-along tugs (sold separately). Up to six 96-gallon totes or up to 4,000 lb can be carried on the trailer at once.

The tote trailer is ideal for use at:

  • Multi-unit Residential Buildings
  • Schools or Universities/Colleges
  • Hotels
  • Stadiums
  • Manufacturing Plants

Specifications for the tote trailer, waste bin trailer, or trash can cart:

  • Holds 32-gallon, 64-gallon, or 96-gallon totes
  • Holds up to six 96-gallon totes
  • Totes sold separately
  • Carrying weight capacity of 4,000 lb
  • Trailer weight unladen is 350 lb
  • Inside dimension is 57″ x 98″
  • Outside dimension is 103″ x 60″ x 58″ (lwh) with the ramp up
  • Low angle lightweight ramp with anti-slip surface
  • Solid steel with HD casters and tow arm
  • Durable powder coated paint finish
  • Safety reflectors
  • Not designed for use on a public road

Both a 3-tote inline steel tote trailer (similar to our 6-tote trailer) and a 1 or 2-tote steel carrier attachment for the V-Move L or V-Move XL tug are available as well!

Most of our customers that have the waste bin trailer or tote trailer find they can use it for more than just hauling totes. They use it to move bags of recycling, furniture/fixtures, or construction waste in multi-unit residential buildings. The Xerowaste tote trailer is ergonomically designed with a low slope ramp for ease of loading and unloading totes. The tote trailer is very durable, quality built and covered by a 1-year limited parts warranty.

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Xerowaste 6 tote trailer for up to 96-gallon totes

Xerowaste V-Move Reviews (verified by Trustalyze)

5.0 rating

We use a tug and trailer from Xerowaste to transport our recycling totes and other items around the parkade. We have found this equipment to be quite reliable and useful and I would recommend Xerowaste as a good company to discuss all waste and recycling matters with.

Facility Manager - Raincity Housing and Support Society

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)

Price is in Canadian dollars and subject to change. US price quoted upon request. Picture of tote trailer with totes on it is the aluminum model similar in size to the steel model sold.

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